[Bold] Recruiting for our Season 3 Mythic WEEKDAY team. 3/9M ATSC


—About Us—
Our team is focused on midcore Mythic. We say “midcore” because, while we are progression-focused, we want to keep a happy core of people without the expectations of splits/alts or explicit min-max. We do expect every raider to be competent in their role/spec, bring consumables, and be a collaborative thought-partner on strategies. We are very transparent with trials (and even after passing and becoming core) about performance, both in DPS/HPS and mechanics, so you know exactly what you need to work on. This is not a casual team - everyone plays a role in progression, we’re just not CE-focused. The weekday team is new so we are looking to build up a consistent group of high-performing, reliable, team-oriented folks. We do have a CE focused Mythic team for those who wish for a more challenging experience.

—Aberrus Progression—
3/9 Mythic

—Raid Times—
Wednesday: 8:30PM - 11:30PM EST
Thursday: 8:30PM - 11:30PM EST

—Recruitment Needs—
Tanks: Closed
Healers: Closed
Melee DPS: Closed
Ranged DPS: Open

Regardless of the recruitment status, we encourage anyone to reach out and inquire!

—Not a Raider?—
Outside of raids, we are pretty active. We average 30+ people during the afternoon/evening with people chatting and running keys together. Raid logging is not a real issue here and we strive to earn the loyalty and commitment of our people. We welcome all to join as socials, casuals, key runners, etc. There’s a place for everyone! Just message anyone in-game, apply in-game, or add a B-tag below!

—Can’t Commit/Raid Yet?—
Interested in raiding with us but can’t commit yet or for one reason or another aren’t ready? You can join as a “Prospect” until you are. There is no time limit on how long you can be a Prospect, so as soon as you are ready and/or able, reach out so we can start a trial. Reasons for being Prospect can include (but are not limited to): Temporary schedule conflict Undergeared Logs need to be improved Leveling

—Basic Requirements—
18+ years old. Commitment to all days. Active and run keys. Willing to learn, improve, and take constructive criticism. Always come to raid prepared. Competent and strong player. Cross-realm trialing is acceptable but you are required to transfer and join once you pass your trial. No exceptions.

—Contact (Discord/ Btags)—
Recruiter: victoriakins / VictoriaKins#1971
Melee Officer: madmonty / Madmonty#11747
Ranged Officer:
Healing Officer: rickflamess / Renegadebear#11941
Raid Leader: jonezen / Stigas#1237

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Eclipse it.

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When it’s ajar.

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It was bread in captivity.

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A gummy bear.

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Hello I’ve added you on Btag and Discord looking forward to hearing from you.


Openly recruiting for season 3!

Going up to the top

To the moon! All the way up!

Going up to the top

To the top!

Looking for mostly ranged!

Going back up

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