⚠️ BoD Meta Mount is for Horde Only


:blush: sorry Alliance but is not a Horse


Have never understood the appeal of mounts.

(Hattan) #3

I’m sure they get a nice Horse instead.

(Kazecap) #4

I’m sure it will be hotfixed, but it is kinda funny… and sad that this even got through.


Its a big…will get Hotfixed this maintenance.

(Greenegg) #6

I know that the mount fits thematically with the raid, but it’s a kinda meh mount tbh.

I’ll just keep waiting for the promised alliance bee mount.

(Laugh) #7

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

Alliance will receive a rainbow horse instead, it won’t be able to fly though, that’s asking for too much.

(Aehl) #8

It wont be “soaring” anywhere for at least another six months :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I mean…its a flying mount…that cant fly in the content you got it from.

(Wariya) #9

np , we will get our 50% warmode bonus soon anyways :rofl::rofl:

(Kelisaria) #10

Payback! Hahahaha!

(Purplelime) #12

Small indie company

(Sinelus) #13

Horde bias 100% confirmed. Lol jk, it’s prob a bug.

(Cassima) #14

Oh, darn! I don’t get to ride some fancy pteradactyl mount! Your Horde sure showed me!

(Harkarden) #15

I can’t even ride all the mounts I already have. So I am not really that upset.

(Archmage) #16

And people still believes that Blizzard Devs plays Alliance :joy:

(Cyniel) #17

No that fantasy was broken long ago…


Who even cares? It’s butt ugly anyway.

(Dæmonjesùs) #19

FFXIV: how about now?

Mounts like gear add a sense of customization/accessory for your toon rare mounts give a feeling of status. Just like in RL I have no idea why women and men buy expensive bags and clothing. Or cars and bikes.

(Shadowy) #20

Stuff like this happens all the time with Blizz. Definitely will be hotfixed soon and Alliance will get some kind of mount for the Achieve

edit: and I already knew this would be a foreign server poster just by judging the sentence lol

(Haavi) #21

That is adorbs!!!