BM Tier 4 set. What would you like to see

Topic. I personally do not know what would be good and would like to know the community ideas.

We are a class based around taking huge amounts of damage and then magically forgetting it ever happened. Our set bonus should do some form of scaling reflective damage based on intake. Damage in, damage out.

Only issue with something like that is we start tanking like we did when vengeance was a thing. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is subjective.

Something that involves stagger, giving us more damage, and maybe special delivery.

2 piece: Purifying Brew gives an absorb shield for 50% of the amount you purify.

4 piece: Purifying stagger damages your target for 50% of the amount purified and 25% for nearby targets.


Given Death Knight and Paladin have Counter-Attacks on their tier sets, I feel this would be consistent with those tanks:

That said, I love the idea about brews and think it may be neat to one day see something like:

2pc: Celestial Belch Purifying Brew’s benefit to Celestial Brew is increased by up to 100% and your brews reduce the cooldown of Breath of Fire by 5s. All effects which reduce the cooldown of your brews are increased by up to 200% based on your current Stagger amount.

4pc: Celestial Belch Breath of Fire may affect the same target multiple times and no longer requires Keg Smash to apply its effect. When any damage is purified, a portion of that damage is applied as a damage over time to targets affected by Breath of Fire. Celestial Brew also detonates a portion of any remaining shield to affected enemies when it expires, evenly divided.

(Clarification: On the 2pc, Bonedust Brew should not have its cooldown reduced and the bonus would be 50%, 100%, 200% to reward Heavy Stagger disproportionately; on the 4pc, the damage reduction effect for multiple stacks of BoF would be multiplicative.)

Since Blizzard really seems to want to cram Breath of Fire into the kit better, and there seems to be a desire to make brews extra meaningful. Inspirations were how Guild Wars 2 handles condition effects, Ignite (rolling), Shield of Vengeance, Hot Trub, the earlier proposed (not so good) bonuses, and Llarold’s comments on Spitfire (“This talent is not competitive. Where’s the Flaming Garbage Can emoji?!”) and Celestial Flames (“Celestial Flames is a bad talent that should never be used.”). The proc chance on Spitfire could also use a bump if/when this set launches, and Celestial Flames should probably be limited to 1 extra effect per proc.

Something similar to Hot Trub imo.

I’d genuinely like to see Brew fight WAY harder in their AOE abilities and be rewarded for doing damage. But that’s just my PVP player coming in and talking.

For PVE something that rewards not taking damage and using the mobility to allow us to pump a bit harder.

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