BM staggering strikes

I see a lot of the talent builds for M+ and raids do not take the talent staggering strikes, why is this? At level 62 it removes around 2400 stagger each blackout kick which seems pretty good for keeping stagger down, so why do none of the builds I see take it?

Also, does it synergize with Shadowboxing Treads? I have so much going on I cant see if it gets 3x the value.

Thanks in advance from a yung brew

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Might be because we are limited on talent points for some stronger aspects themselves, since bok has a cd to it, might just not be worth it, but I’ve always been more of a hobbyist brew master myself.

As for shadowboxing I’m not sure of the interaction, I would say not but couldn’t tell yah

Staggering strikes is too heavy of a talent point investment for what it does, especially with how Brew’s spec tree is currently arranged. It also does not scale well. I am ilvl 392 and my 2/2 Staggering Strikes would clear 9,056 stagger per Blackout Kick. (Yes, it synergizes with Shadowboxing Treads).

Once we get the version of our tree that is on the PTR, BrM’s will likely take that and Quick Sip.

As a little fun fact for you, you can stack your abilities to cause Breath of Fire to reliably give you 15% damage reduction.


Can you elaborate on how to get the 15% dmg red from BOF?

I thought Blackout Combo made it so BOF only gives 10% not 15% reduction

If you overwrite your blackout combo BOF, it gets rid of the extra reduction so you gotta time it out

You need to take the Celestial Flames talent.

Then use Spinning Crane Kick while both Blackout Combo and Celestial Flames are active.

Putting note in that this does not work in PvP. The reapplied buff only gives 10%. Why?

Who knows

This is true in PvE as well. In fact ANY reapplication of Breath of Fire applies the damage reduction of the currently active benefits which can be as low as 5%. You are incentivized to AVOID casting BoF after the initial 15% application of aligning Celestial Flames with blackout combo (even if you reset it early) which is kind of annoying to align in the first place.

Thats bad game design


Seems terrible to me that our mitigation debuff ranges from 5-15% and can be overwritten with a weaker application. I can cast demoralizing shout and apply a 15% damage reduction debuff to all enemies in range of the shout

What’s the cooldown on demo shout?

It is a finicky routine to manage, but I can achieve around 60+% uptime on 15% BoF.

I am however running Light Brewing and chugging Purifying on cd as to not cap charges.

Demoralizing shout varies with talents / thunderclap usage and starts as high as 45s for 8s and is a flat 20% every time, but I am not sure about the lower end with things like avatar involved; maybe 25s?. So it’s not a constant application compared to 10% via blackout combo and reset talents to cover the 3s gap if desired, but BoF is just a semi-active form of passive mitigation which is basically a minimum requirement to function as a tank rather than an active bonus above and beyond the standard; Dampen Harm would be a closer analog.

I get about the same uptime of 60% with just celestial flames on the tank dummy, while I could skip the following 2-3 talents, the extra complexity of tracking when I should blackout combo / BoF for 10% to fill in the gaps is not worth the extra 5% IMO.

Maybe if the proc chance on Celestial Flames was bumped up from 30% to like 50% it might manage 100% uptime.

With a couple basic weak auras, it’s not much to track. When CF procs, I just make sure to BoK > SCK before it expires. With BoK natively having a 4s cd, it’s manageable even if you clicked BoK right before proccing CF.

I’m not saying you can’t manage it, but from a design standpoint, it fits together pretty poorly IMO.

Personally, I like Blackout Combo, but paired / half-functional talents are usually uncommon in most trees. In addition to the CF procs, you also have to track when BoF falls off to BoK → BoF to fill in the gaps rather than just on cooldown. By comparison, even Ironskin doesn’t result in immediate negative performance for heavy use and you’d never just take Celestial Flames.

While the current tree on live might not offer a lot of attractive alternatives, you might get something like the following in 10.0.5, but in this case, CF is really only worth +5% 60% of the time (~3% on average?). It’s better than nothing for a pure defensive choice in the last talent, but seems weak.

The reason no one takes the stagger reduction abilities is that Brew doesn’t die from stagger ticking. It dies from the unstaggered portion of the attacks. If we staggered 100% of hits so the mechanism of death was stagger, those abilities would suddenly be really good.


The Devs dont get this part


With the number of abilities Brew has I’ve been trying some weird specs on live like dropping BoF completely or using CF without BoF (which still applies BoF). Its actually not bad - the dps loss is minimal which is surprising. I think it could actually be quite viable once 10.0.5 gives RSK more priority which is pretty bizarre.

CF is a decent concept, but I’m not crazy about a ~60% uptime for 15% mitigation and 0% otherwise. I felt like any significant BoF damage comes from the followup talents with no way to avoid BoF itself so I’m not sure how that would work. Overall the DPS loss from dropping all three probably is relatively low however.

I thought so but I was surprised at the results. Try dropping all BoF talents (including CF). Honestly my dps is comparable because in get to RSK a lot more. The survival is actually better too. I got to 40 stacks on the raid dummy with 390 ilvl. I think with the transfer of damage from RF to other abilities it is going to be viable in 10.0.5.