BM Hunter's "Froststorm Breath"

Hi, I’m not sure if im using the right format of your support game services but I couldnt find a section of your site that let me offer game feedback and I’d like to offer some feedback for beastmastery hunters: the exotic pet chimaera’s ability “froststorm breath” is completely obsolete in the hunter’s AoE rotation. “Beastcleave” and multi-shot is mainly the two abilities only used for hunter’s AoE rotation and since the “beastcleave” lasts for 3-5 ticks every 0.8(ish) seconds, totaling the time it takes for the ticks and focus recovery, you’ll always be in max focus, because you have to wait for the ticks, and the ticks can’t stack over each other. Therefore, while waiting for the ticks to finish, your focus gain (FPS, focus per second) is the same as your FLPS (focus lost per second). That means your focus gauge will never run out of focus because of this. Additionally, this also means “froststorm breath” is obsolete because of its terribly low DPS. If “froststorm breath” is to be implemented at some point in the hunter’s AoE rotation or alone just implemented to discard its obsolete value, I suggest making the “beast cleaves” stack and not overwrite each other, increase its FLPS over its FPS, so that when the hunter runs out of focus, he can use “froststorm breath” while his focus recovers. (Just a suggestion for a new and better hunter’s AoE rotation.) Also, the damage on “froststorm breath” should be increased since a BM hunter’s AoE DPS is rather minuscule compared to other classes.

I hope you will take what I said into consideration and make BM hunters’ AoE DPS better because this is very much needed. Thank you for reading this and look forward to seeing good future endeavors for WoW.


I think part of the reason they keep the actual damage of it low is that any significant increase in that or even the aoe damage from the core hounds would make them obligatory.

As it stands with powerful beast cleave let’s you use any pet. I don’t think they would change this.


Not really obligatory. Each pet has its own function in given situations. Example: Spirit Beast = extra healing, Chimaera = AoE, Clefthoof = tanking. (pet tanks in case your tank dies or is about to die.) and these are all well functioned attributes. DPS doesnt always matter, trying to stay alive is the other thing you need to look out for, and this is the most fundamental rule when it comes to playing WoW and all WoW players should know this: “DPS isnt everything”. If anything “staying alive” is benefactored to DPS since if youre dead you do bad DPS etc. etc.

That aside, given your point, I have done some testing and AoEing is only good for 4-5 plus enemies. Non the less even with this factored in hunters AoE rotation, other classes still do more AoE damage. My 158 enhance shaman does almost the same AoE damage compared to my 177 hunter, with all the tests ive run.

But the subject of how good DPS is is not my point, the point is there is an ability that does completely nothing and should be used somehow other than sitting pretty on your hotbar and doing nothing.

To make my point more clear on the FPS and FLPS, you are stuck multi-shotting and barb shotting than using frost breath at any given time b’c of FPS and FLPS combined for your multishot is 0 value. (you never run out of focus) If the FLPS is higher then thats when you can use Frostbreath. Multishot/barbed shot does more DPS than putting frost-breath on your rotation therefore never using frostbreath. Then again you might ask “cant you just use frostbreath while you are multishotting and barbshotting?” No, because its a channeling spell.

(I hope this makes more sense)

This would be a moot point; the pet abilities/spells with which you’re making this suggestion in regards to won’t be the cause for your survability. For any significant content pet tankability isn’t of consideration.

BM currently has some poor burst AoE compared to other classes. However if you are getting better sustained damage on your enhancement shaman then the contributing factor will be your performance over the class inherently.

Like burrow attack this is more of a flavourful spell. Though the pet alone is useful for other reasons because of it’s ability to slow targets. I can see them trying to balance the damage of Froststorm Breath but I think it’s more likely they’re going to leave it as is.

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Unfortunately (or fortunately) you haven’t met this community.
Throughput is everything to them, if it had more dps then you wouldn’t have a pet choice and would be forced to use it.

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Yes, thats true

People do think that but if you dont know how to “survive” for example in a mythic dungeon the residual result is a 1 chest instead of a 2 chest. It happens for real and ive seen it happen. When ppl are dead, you lose more dps versus being high damage adaptive (with minuscule survivabilty/ trading survivability for DPS) you need it. Just look at your recount meters. dead guy = bad damage output. If thats not evidence enough
then idk whats more to say.

Even though ppl dont realize this, they should

Oh I absolutely agree. Utility can be as valuable as dps, and in cases much more valuable.

Unfortunately when people check meters, noone looks at the time controlled, or damage mitigated, or healing done by dps, etc.

I would rather see a buff to all pet durability. Even tenacity pets are super squishy. I think it’s a larger DPS loss having to heal your pet in a fight.

All pets do the same damage. Put the ability on auto cast and ignore it.

Since legion no bm guide has ever suggested using the chimera or worm’s aoe abilities. When bm hunters were dominant in m+ at the end of bfa and used in the mdi tournament, not 1 team using bm hunter used anything other than core hounds or spirit beasts.

Icy Veins recommends a ferocity pet for Torghast, so I tested. The leach for them makes them significantly better at surviving in Torghast. I like using a ferocity pet, but, it’s kind of disappointing that the tenacity pets aren’t more tanky.

Ah I see the problem here: You’re overthinking this and thinking is not part of BM’s toolkit.

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I don’t think tenacity is meant to be a tanky pet. It is meant to make YOU more durable. An additional heal and an additional DR makes tenacity better for something like m+ as long as someone else in your group has lust.

similarly, the corehound is very tanky in itself and has lust, which makes it better for torghast.