BM Hunter New Glyph Request: Arthropodology

Glyph of Dire Arthropods
Item Level 11
Minor Glyph

Classes: Hunter[Beastmaster]

Your Dire Beast and Dire Command will summon creatures from the Insect and Arachnid families which includes Ravagers, Spiders, Wasps, Aqiri, Beetles, Moths, Carapids and Scorpids. In addition, Murder of Crows will summon a cloud of Wasps or Bees instead of crows, and Spitting Cobra will instead summon a Gorm to spit poisonous acid at your target.

I corrected it thanks!
It was supposed to be Arthropodology
Arthropodology is the study of a broader range of creatures including insects and arachnids etc and the reason I chose that word is due to Warcraft having a number of creatures that don’t exist in the real world but wouldn’t fall under the insect or arachnid families like ravagers, aqiri but that I would classify as under these same type of creatures, creatures with chitin.

I think you mean Glyph of Entomology, as entomology is the study of insects whereas Anthropology is the study of human societies and cultures.

While I would never use that glyph(I hate bugs), I know there are plenty of people who enjoy bugs, and customization options never hurt anyone.


Oh crap it autocorrected sigh…