BM focus in AoE

Messing around trying to help a buddy learn BM, cant seem to manage focus well in keys.

I am not very geard so dont 100% know if its purely haste dependent or not, but after a multishot/kc/kc beast cleave is pretty much over and hitting multishot again to rebuff just drains the rest of my focus.

Is there a portion im missing as far as generation goes?

How often are you pressing Multi-Shot? Are you using Barbed Shot on CD?

Usually only multishot when needing to refresh beast cleave. Barbed shot I try to keep at least 1 charge on CD. Multi barbing on cd seems to make it harder to just maintain 3 frenzy stacks.

Try to keep barb shot up on as many targets as possible. But Multi being used to refresh BCleave is ideal, you shouldn’t be focus starved.
How much haste have you got? There will be times where you need to wait a couple seconds before pressing another spender but it shouldn’t be longer than 2 sec at most I think

no you have the aoe priority generally down. that’s just all there is to it really. you need to keep beast cleave up and you need to maintain 3 stacks of the barbed shot buff. it becomes a lot more smooth when you get more haste/crit

Its alot easier to use a weak aura to track frenzy, you can fire barbed shot in the sweet spot alot easier that way.

I use an addon called “need to know”

You can create trackers for frenzy and beast mastery. This makes it really easy to keep both at 100% uptime. I generally creat a tracker for each cooldown. BM doesn’t have that many and you be please at how much this increases your dps.

There is a dude called Salti that had a BM guide that walks you through everything on you tube.

Hi, its the first time im hearing about that addon. Weakauras I find it generally harder to customize and a lot of times it doesn’t work for me. Is there profile export/import function in it? If yes, could you help me with it? Thanks!

It’s super easy to use. Simply download it and click on one of the bars. After that you just type in the name of the spell.

If you search on you tube ( Salti Beastmaster hunter) there is a hunter called Salti that takes you through step by step in his overview video.

Unlike weak auras, Need To Know is super intuitive.

Good luck!

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Oh wow, I’m going to look it up! Thank you so much!

It works across multiple classes for tracking debuffs too?

Yes it does. Way super easy to use. Weak auras is far to complex for what I need.

After you download type /ntk and you are in.