Blues News: June 9, 2023

Blues News: June 9, 2023

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New PvP maps pls


Seems funny to me 2 of the things mentions were broken bugs on Tuesday lol.


Honestly, the drop rate increase was to fix a bug too.


Everything on the pvp side is fine looking at this update except that’s just untrue. Maybe we should pause rated pvp too just to fix the mmr issue?



“Mythic Keystone Issue Resolved: Due to an issue with the Keystones in North America on Tuesday, Mythic+ dungeons were temporarily disabled while being investigated. Once resolved, the Mythic+ dungeons were re-opened.”

Will this mean that we get more time for the weekly? You can say that you only missed a day, but some only get a chance to play twice a week.

Please address server stability. Just say something at all, I’ve been getting regularly booted out of the game since Diablo Released

Stop screwing over hunters by not being consistent with how you remove pets if you remove the vorquin foal while allowing the mammoth to remain is unfair. Either allow both to remain since they were both open world tames or remove the mammoth and dire horns and everything else that was a glitch tame. What is fair for one needs to be fair to the rest.

Weekly communication from blues, or some type of regular update newsletter on how the game is progressing is a great idea. I hope this continues and improves communication with the players.


how about a damn pvp update? MMR update ? BONUSES FOR HEALING SOLO!? Come on, you are single handedly killing pvp…

I guess they are trying to run diablow and wow on the same server blades.

Please revert shalewing to a DAILY farm instead of twice a week. Very dumb change.