Blue Post: nerf to conduit acquisition via Stygia

If you were planning to mindlessly farm Twisting Corridors in The Maw to level up your conduits ilvls, and fill out your non-PVP sourced conduits, via Manifest Aethershunt, guess again!

Specific to Ve’nari, we’re in the process of removing Stygia as a repeatable reward from Twisting Corridors. Our goal here is for the Eye of the Jailer in the Maw to be a limiting factor on Stygia gains.


So if you are planning to avoid doing endgame PVE content to get access to specific conduits/higher level conduits, and planning to use RNG slot machine Manifest Aethershunt, it’s now going to take longer than we thought it would.

Manifest Aethershunt
Use: Add a Conduit you do not have to your collection, or upgrade an existing Conduit by one rank. The upgraded Conduit will be selected randomly from your lowest-rank Conduits.
Cost: 500 Stygia
Requires Cordial Reputation