Blue Eyes for Blood Elves in 8.1

Just do a trade. Blood Elves get the option to have blue and purple eye colors, Void Elves get the option to have non-voided earth tones for their hair and skin (like we know exist in Telogrus Rift).


Those are not Void Elfs they are Blood Elves & at most 3 High Elf Wayfairers who are studying the rift.

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To become Void Elves.

I’m guessing most people can figure it out.


This thread is not NEARLY old enough to be considered “necro posting” so please take your snarky, hostile, rude attitude away or I’ll report you for, thanks.

Also, if you’d rather me re-make the thread completely to share the same opinion, I’ll do that. But I’m PRETTY sure that’s MORE-SO considered “spam” considering an thread about the exact thing I was hoping to talk about already exists.

Then people who are pro-high elf should stop. People can have differing opinions, sorry you disagree? No need to even come in here and harass people just because you disagree…

Also I have posted in the official high elf mega thread - First of all you get attacked and harassed because people there say “This is a thread about high elves being on alliance, go make your own thread!” so no, I’m not going to post there anymore. It’s not an official high elf mega thread.

It should be re-named "high elves on alliance thread, if you have any other opinion people are going to harass and attack you.

Except race aesthetic reasons aren’t made PURELY for game play reasons and entirely for lore reasons.

“Ultimately, it is a matter of time before the fel-power induced green glint reverts back to the blood elves’ regular high elven eyes.” - WoW Dev team

Right? All the reasons high elves should be a new race for the alliance I have seen are completely ridiculous and usually just people throwing snarky things they made up to justify what they want, which isn’t how the world works…

"Ultimately, it is a matter of time before the fel-power induced green glint reverts back to the blood elves’ regular high elven eyes. " - WoW dev team

I’d agree the high elves on the alliance side do that, considering alliance shouldn’t have had them in the first place. The high elves officially departed the alliance long ago.

Not at all, the high elf NPCs the alliance has shouldn’t even exist. The race as a whole officially departed the alliance long ago, learn your lore.

Yeah, that’s how pro high elfers are wrong. If you don’t believe their made up BS and lies of why blood elfs should be on the alliance with blue eyes called high elves, they just ignore you. :roll_eyes:


You are ignoring the first part where it says:

Regardless if it’s a necro (which the first time you bumped it was in fact a necro because the OP is from Nov of last year), bumping a thread every couple of weeks to say “I agree” is spam. Posting a new thread with the same information (nothing new to add as feedback or discussion) every two weeks is also spam.

Not one thing in this post or the one you replied to is snarky or has attitude. My first post conveyed annoyance, but it was also not snarky nor hostile. If you feel insulted I can’t help that when I am trying to point out a very basic guideline here on the forums. It’s not like you did it just once.

You throwing insults around like you are though IS hostile.


What? No Devs ever said that. Trust me. I’m a lore hound. This wouldn’t have escaped me.

Ohhhh… you’re one of those anti-High Elf’ers. You’ve lost all legitimacy. Goodbye.



Yeah, clearly Bursan is bullying people. sarcasm

It clearly has escaped you. Hilarious how you act more knowledgable than thou, yet don’t even know things like what the developers of the actual game have said. :roll_eyes:

“What? Facts?! Oh god, must pretend they’re not worth replying to so I don’t get proven wrong over and over again!”


Oh look. People are still bickering on this topic from so many months ago. Who would have thought that a topic like this is would only cause people to argue and lack real discussion considering there is no new information.


Waiting for the citation. Link please!


How about everyone gets blue eyes as an option then we can shut this down forever hopefully.


The only ‘problem’ is coming from helfer fanatics. Blue eyes or the addition of more customization is a legitimate request. Can’t help it if some people don’t like it.


LOL. This is how you detect a troll.

If you want a blue eyed, thalassian elf, the Alliance is waiting for you.

where is the bully in my comment? i just said i like the twists and spins they do

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I mean, it’s worse than that; Elves have had far, far fewer generations since Kael’thas’ technique than Orcs have had since Mannoroth, and they are a less prolific race in general on top of the short timeframe. So it might be centuries before Elves lose the fel influence and get this , at least in terms of lore.


Do your own research since It’s something you’re clearly so proud of. :roll_eyes:

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This is not the first time Drougen bumped a dead thread or spammed about blue eyes for Blood Elves, this is considered spamming as Kirela stated and it polute the forums with dead topics, and i’m just reposting this just in case

Do not “bump” posts.

The act of posting simply to bump a thread is considered spamming. This also includes bumping very old threads for no reason (called “necro bumping” or “necroing”).

This is not the first time he did this and honestly i have no idea how this guy wasn’t permanently banned from the forums yet


The burden of proof is on the one making the claim. If you can’t provide proof, it isn’t true.