Blue Eyed Elves - Act of good will or a higher up saying "Just do it"?

I think it’s come down to people nitpicking the shade of blue… :roll_eyes:

While the third looks pretty blue in the teaser… all the current alpha “blue” eye options look more cyan like the middle eyes depicted in the teaser. That might change though, alpha being alpha.

It’s blue to me, blizzard calls it blue
It’s blue

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Fair enough.

I’m curious though why people put less stock in warcraftrealms census though. While it does rely on players actually using their addon to actually take the census (and do it regularly for both factions, not just once for one), it seems like it could end up being more accurate than realmpop which (if i recall correctly) relied on people using the AH to collect its data.

It’s not really clear that Blood Elves are going to get true Blue color. I hope they do but it still doesn’t look like it.
Note that these are options datamined from the Shadowlands alpha, which may be incomplete and subject to change before things go live. On last week’s announcement post, Blizzard showed both Void Elves and Blood Elves with the sapphire eye customization option, and this week, that tint is only available to Void Elves.

You might wanted to view the bluepost , from blizzard.
Not wowhead.
It clearly says that both be and ve are getting a blue eye color

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(Commentary): Approximately half a year, actually. They were released in January.

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(Commentary): They also showed fair skin tones for Void Elves, but none were in the update. I think the darker, more solidly blue options for Blood Elves just didn’t make it in during this round.


Yes of course I read it and the Wowhead post was made AFTER the blue post you linked.
It’s NOT clear yet what the blue color options are going to be in the end for Blood Elves.

I hope so.
But considering all the contradictions I’ve seen I’m not going to believe it till we get it.

Becuase Blizzard got a new dev team. Everything bad that has happened in recent years has happened because of the new dev team.

I think once Mechagnomes, aka the kitchen sink, became playable, they figured what the hell.

That or they realized the only actual new races among the allied races were vulpera and figured what the hell.

Or they realized 10% shorter and wider humans, cyborg-gnomes, moose antlers, different skin colors, tattoos, 20% bigger elves, good posture now then more diverse human appearances in Shadowlands… they took another look at blue eyes and figured what the hell. That might be too sensible though. My money’s on board of directors/shareholders telling them just do it.


Just like the orc population, human population, regular blood elf population, night elves, and others, have grown incredibly due to all of the player characters?

I’m pretty sure PCs aren’t canon and this statement is completely false.

To put it, the blue eyes you are seeing are just customization options, think of it as contact lenses, lore wise blood elves don’t have blue eyes and ion explained why already, this is just to make the playerbase happy and has nothing to do with the lore. If we were to go by the books, blood elves have evolved and don’t have blue eyes anymore. These blue eyes were only given to blood elves to make RPer’s happy so they can finally pretend to play as a high elf. But deep down inside, they must know it’s not really a high elf but a blood elf with fake contact blue eyes.


I don’t think most players wanted it or even really cared about it, and all it does is homogenize the factions. I think there is a very vocal group of people for it, some of which are aggressive online. As a result there is a lot of resistance to it. I think they did it because it is something that will create a lot of buzz and arguing, like the beginning of BFA/end of Legion. A lot of online companies benefit when people are going at each other on multiple platforms. The more pissed off we are at each other, the more we’re talking about their products,

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As long as it makes people happy, even though it is lore-breaking, I have no problems. I am happy that both sides get to play as high elves finally.

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I don’t think they did it just to make a few people happy. I think they did it because it also makes people unhappy. Blizzard benefits when we are fighting with each other online over other platforms like Reddit and Facebook and Youtubers have drama to make videos about.

Every two-bit hack amateur fantasy author wants to make special snowflake elves that aren’t Legolas. And I don’t buy WoW novels because the paid “writers” here aren’t any better.

I really only have sympathy for the players who want to be Legolas. Lore be damned.

I’ll definitely be switching to those blue eyes. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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The end of the Half-Life: Alyx Game had a cliff-hanger leading to another Game and Valve claims that Half-Life: Alyx won’t be their final foray into the Half-Life universe.

So… They may finally escape their so-called “aversion” to the number 3.