Blooming Dreamseeds Screwed Up

Three of the five seeds I planted on this character today started the standard routine, it opened up so that I could add Emerald Dewdrops, I added 44 of them to get to the 50 mark (where the box gets the blue border), then started pulling up the bushes and fighting the plants, and after a minute or so, and all of a sudden, the Bloom went away and the sparkling green spot was there to plant another seed. No chest was there to get to the usual reward, including the rep. The seed I planted was no longer in my inventory. I couldn’t plant another seed there. This means that I didn’t get the rep or anything that usually show up. I was the only one there, no one else showed up and interacted with the bloom.

This has happened on multiple alts since the opening of the Emerald Dream, and has been reported a number of times. It is a waste of my playing time to do the work, spend the resources and get a big fat nothing for the investment.

I do not use any addons, and the only mods I have are macros that I use occasionally (like for instance to cast a spell at my location (e.g.: /Cast [@player] spell name)

Speaking as a programmer with over 25 years of experience, my users would never put up with this sort of crap. And, yet, these sorts of things keep on happening with WoW. on this expansion. I have invested too much time and money to just walk away, and I usually enjoy playing, but this crap is really starting to piss me off. I’ve brought in 10 to 15 new players to this game and that is likely to stop happening, if stuff like this keeps on happening.