Bloody Dancing Steel Illusion

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Needs fixed

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Notice there isn't anyone who thinks we shouldnt have the illusion we deserve


can we have it? please?


Will blizz daddy notice us? conquest spirit account wide xmog would be real nice :slight_smile:


Agreed. I got glad on my Monk and i can purchase it but I guess the illusions aren’t account wide they are bound to character which would be fine…except monks are hot garbage. HOWEVER I got Hero of the Horde on my rogue in s13 and can not get anything…so I finish in the top .5% of rated bg’s on Tich s13 almost 3k rating and i don’t get bloody dancy steel or access to a DUELIST achieve because it wasn’t s14/15? Absurd

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up up, wheres the blue at


Could we please do something about this issue blizzard? why are we being ignored.

There are definitely a lot of players with this issue…

The new duelist requriemnts to get the illusion isn’t fair… because back in MOP bloody dancing steel was only 2200+ and the ladder wasn’t like what it’s today.

There used to be battlegrounds:Vengence,reckoning etc… nowadays all the ladders are merged together.

Also, it was teams… unlike now permanent character rating. Back then I didn’t stay on my team just for Duelist or Rival… I left to play with friends and tanked the Rating But I earned the enchant.

Request: Bloody dancing steel , Spirit of conquest as an illusion.

If you have them enchanted on any of your heirlooms or MOP weapons, we should be able to get this new illusion.

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It’s bfa they don’t care


Please reply to us, we pay for this game and we deserve what we pay for, there is literally NO ONE who think we shouldn’t have a Spirit of Conquest illusion. Come on you guys as a company literally recolor a bunch of items and you even use the same stuff with different names… how is this any different… the only thing is we earned this and not every player has this…

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while it’s true that your enchant on an heirloom proves you were eligible to buy it at some point doesn’t the FoS requirement essentially do the same thing?
I mean duelist was sub 2.2k a couple seasons so even without prior eligibility you would be able to buy the enchant.

the only thing that the FoS does is it filters out those that got it thru RBGs which is a good thing imo (unless you’re an RBG hero ofc)


Back in days, there were teams unlike now… I didn’t stay on my team for tittles.

I got the Enchant, I left my team to play with my friends.

I earned the enchant, that was my goal … I got what I wanted from the 2200… then I played for fun.

If i earned it I should be able to xmog it… some Battlegrounds Duelist was not even 2200. it was 2240 if not higher and that is just not fair for all the people that got the enchant.

Of course back then there were also Battlegrounds (Vengeance, reckoning etc.) unlike now all the realms are merged into 1 Ladder.

All what we are asking for is:

They add Bloody dancing steel & Spirit of conquest as an illusion for the people that have it on heirlooms or MOP pvp weapons if they can prove that.

Because At the moment, I can just equip my heirloom and show off my cool xmog but if I can do that, why not make them as an illusion?

Nobody is asking for a free “Glorious tyranny” illusion…

No - we are simply asking for “Bloody dancing steel + Spirit of conquest” the first MOP season 1 2200+ enchants to be added to the wardrobe illusions because we earned it.

Please blizzard, we love this game - we are part of the community - solve this issue it’s been years.

Request: Bloody dancing steel , Spirit of conquest as an illusion.


Would be great to be able to use a ‘Bloody Dancing Steel’ illusion on my shaman when I earned the 2.2k achievement back in MoP.

Gating this with a title requirement is disappointing. Had I known at the time, of course I would have tried for duelist…


YTHESINS will you listen to the people who pay and love to play this game. we all earned that enchant and deserve to have the illusion. its almost heartbreaking that you gated this with a title from s14-15 in LEGION… nobody knew that was going to happen. let all the people who currently have the weapon enchant bloody dancing steel or spirit of conquest have the illusion of that enchant. Stop trying to sell mounts to keep subs and actually listen to the community please. we earned it


Why are we being ignored?

I’ve been texting the WoWdevs on twitter… Who should we talk to? please for the love of god…

'm an old customer I’ve been playing this game since BC - and I feel like, you guys just don’t care about your players/family.

I get it, in your eyes, we are minority and this issue isn’t a Big deal.

But it’s been 5years? and this problem is still a thing…

Making the requirement " Duelist " to get the illusion didn’t fix anything.

Because in MOP season 1 before wardrobes the enchant was only 2200+ and it was called “Bloody dancing steel, Spirit of conquest”

Just do something… for the love of god don’t ignore us.

Either give whoever can prove that he has the enchant enchanted in his old MOP weapons the Glorious tyranny.

Or make new illusions and call them : Bloody dancing steel , Spirit of Conquest.



Support the movement.

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Any words?


Some info from the EU :wink:


That’s great news!!!

Finally!! I hope they do something this coming patch.


Can we get a response on the US servers though?

If you have the 2.2k achievement from MoP we should get a illusion for Spirit of Conqest / Bloody Dancing steel.

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Amazing news