Bloodsail Buccaneers RP Discord

This server is smaller than the server-wide community discord but we focus exclusively on RP for those interested.

Discord Link

Here are some other helpful links:

Bloodsail RP Community Enjin Website

Bloodsail RP Wiki

Booty Bay Bugle!


My browser tells me there is a problem with your website’s certificate. The certificate is for the * domain, while your website is on the domain. Ignoring the warning gives me a HTTP 403 error from Cloudflare.

Sorry about that. It should be
Just put after each link for it to properly work.

May want to edit the original post with the proper links!

Both the Booty Bay Bugle and the wiki can both be found from the main menu. Hope to see you guys soon.

The discord invite is expired. Is there a new link? Or Perm one?

Would love to join the discord, but it appears to have been a temporary link.

Hey, I’m the admin of the Discord here. Appreciate the post, and here’s a permanent Discord link.

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Please update this post for updated Discord link.

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