Bloodsail Buccaneers Discord, Event and Buff Calendars

Hello, Admin of the Bloodsail Buccaneers Discord ( here. With the help of guild leadership, and the hard work of our team we have built a number of various google calender’s for the server to enjoy.


  • Alliance Buffs -

  • Alliance Raid Times -

  • Alliance RP Events - - Managed by Lorith

  • Horde Buffs -

  • Horde Raid Times -

  • Horde RP Events - - Managed by Lorith

How does the discord benefit you?

  • The Discord Server itself, offers a great place to recruit, and look for a guild.
  • We also have a role and channel dedicated to guild leadership. There is already some light discussion going on over the planning of the AQ event.
  • We have sections for Pick up Raids, including a role if you like to become aware of said raids.
  • Each faction has a channel dedicated to the announcement of World Buffs. They are routinely announced 15 mins in advance. This is why you see so many in Stormwind when a buff is about to go out!

Sorry no clickable links, because I am not trusted enough.


Alliance eat toenail clippings. Unrelated the server is pretty lit.

Thank you squishy little Human mage.

I thought the Forsaken were Horde though?

We just finished up our first wave of Nef buffs.

Note, the NEF cooldown is 8 hours, and not 6 like Onyxia.

Thank you for always keeping us up to date!

How do I get Granny’s Bed Time Stories in the Barrens on the Calendar?


How do I add items to the BB calendar?

Grannykiss has been telling horde bedtime stories in the barrens and wants to publish her schedule. Help an old lady out!


You want to find Lorith on the discord, they manage the RP event calendars.