<Bloodlust> Recruiting 1 Feral Tank

Need 1 Feral Tank for our Tue/Thur Raid team.
We absorbed Free Agents and could use a Feral tank for their group. Currently they use 3 warrior tanks and we will be needing a feral tank going into AQ-40 and Naxx. Please HMU if you’re interested.

7:30-10:30 ST Tue/Thur Loot Council style
Chill group of people who like to get stuff done.

PST to Medullo, Curvy, Medley, Exial, Nautic or Raje. If I’m not on any of my alts then just ask for an Officer to any of my guildies or send me an IGM. Thank you.

Did you guys get past Firemaw yet or are you still going 10-15 wipes on him?

You must have us confused with one of your main guilds. We’ve been clearing BWL for 22+ weeks. Free Agents had all current content down in under 3 hours for months as well. Best of luck on your future raids good sir.

Bump for Feral Tank=Best Tank ya heard?

Nah, Bloodlust is the guild that scams people about of 25,000 gold.

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Thanks for the bump. Feral tanks are great and will be needed (IMO) in AQ-40 and Naxx more than ever. Resto druids are slim pickings and evening more so with feral druids. They’re non-existent.