<BloodCrest> [A] US-Proudmoore | New, Semi-Casual

BloodCrest is a new semi-casual guild looking to fill our roster for DF. I hope to have a bit of everything, including a raid team! If you like being part of a growing guild, you can find us in the Guild Finder!

We have a Discord all set up and ready to go.

My goal for the guild is to have groups for PvP, Raid, M+'s, and I plan to have events for tmog/mount runs of old content as well as to complete old glory achievements! I’d love to build a guild full of friendly, chill folks who just enjoy playing the game. I refuse to turn this game into a ‘job’. I will not expect my raiders to spend all their free time burning through dailies and pushing keys just to stay competitive. We progress as a guild, together and I will do my best to help people catch up should they feel like they’ve fallen behind.

Any questions or concerns, feel free to ask.
My main is the same character I posted with.
Battle.net ID is Sovereignty#11392