Blood of the Enemy is so ultra mega overpowered


Are blizzard serious by releasing this essence?
i never saw such an overpowered spell… in PVP people will start abusing it and healers will get one shooted.
This essence will ruin the whole game.

(Sefirosuwar) #2

im actually afraid of this and what this will look like
DH, DK, H Pally - immune from most cc’s and pop all cd’s and GO HARD
or double ret and Hpally Bubble pop everything and watch people fall.

basically anything with a healer that has strong dps


Can you hear it? the sound of all the ranged running into melee with the melee as the boss fight starts, everyone puts every mechanic in the melee and the melee die, having no clue what a mechanic is, darn essences!!


no time for mechanics, I have a life


Lol, cause melee are the ones that don’t know what mechanics are.

(Jape) #6

This essence is amazing. It’s another,much better stack of Furious Gaze.

Why are so many essences so completely forgettable while others are so good there really isn’t any choice?


Give the illusion of choice. But making just a few really good means everyone will choose those – and then you only need to balance a few instead of 20.


I tested it a lot in duels in the first build.

If your target does not kite you, you can dump like a truck.

If your target is a fire mage you’ll never get to unload the full window.

That’s actually probably a good thing for the pvp metagame, people are complaining about long attrition matches and this will give every dps the option to have a 1.5 min go hard cd to generate more kill pressure before high dampening.

Though at the same time, our hp pools will be scaling up even higher.

It will be best combined with snares / lockdown for uptime.

The next season will be a good time to be a death knight in pvp or 3v3 with one, but don’t forget about Rogues and Rets using the same essence. .

(Sefirosuwar) #9

Wait so as a aff lock Should I just delete my toon -
cause this sounds like im gonna come out and just get demolished.
by DH and DK - Holy pally comps.


Don’t forget RMPala now better than ever!


Is it included in the GCD ?

(Vahrok) #12

Healers dying without having 3+ guys on them? Only 2 required now?!? Only 5 if there is another healer!?!? Heavens forbid!

(Undergeared) #13

Healers really should just fall over and die every time another brain-dead demon hunter or deathknight smashes their head into the keyboard. L2P.


(Vahrok) #14

God forbid your team peels and protects the healer.

] :wink:

(Undergeared) #15

You do see my faction right? Don’t be ridiculous.



Yes, Blood of the Enemy is on the GCD and hits with a short range aoe nuke at your character. Nuke on GCD, and that triggers the buff.

(Chorong) #17

Uhhh no.

Adding more cds to the game does not fix the issue of “dampening”. This is because there is (or should) a counter essence in order to deal with offensive cds.

They need to up the dmg and healing and make reliance on cds less of a thing.

(Masoschism) #18

Because apparently there isn’t a single person at Blizzard who is capable of doing math.


Did you reply to the wrong post? I answered the question “is it on the gcd” with a mechanically accurate answer that had no judgement about design or philosophy.

You said no to that as if it was inaccurate. It was accurate.

You’re upset about a different topic, which is the meta game (that I didn’t mention or discuss in my mechanics answer).