<Blood Fist> [H] 10/10H, 5/10M Looking for Raiders

Blood Fist is a semi-casual guild made up of players that are looking to progress in a relaxed environment. We are currently looking for a few more dps and healers. We raid Wed/Thurs at 8-11PM EST. Apply at www. blood-fist. com (remove spaces).

Currently 5/10M! Looking for healers with a good dps offspec.


Bump! Also, get ready for SL!

Not really raid interested, but do M+ almost every day. How is M+ in your guild?

I’m impressed you guys are still around! I remember when it was just you guys and Shadows Remain on horde side XD.

Bump for good folks!

Need more Vulpera

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Hey, I’ve been playing horde side since early BC. Raided with the old BHC guild alliance back in the day up through Cata. Came back for SL. You guys still looking for members? I’m not super interested in raiding but definitely down for M+. My current guild is completely dead save for me.

I remember the Blood Fist. It was good raiding with them for the short time I did.


Join us to clear Mythic CN!

I really wish Blizz would bump this server to new, try and get some fresh players. Best of luck recruiting!

Forgot to Bump.

Bump, on Painsmith!

I don’t know if there’s anyone still in BF back from the days when I was there, but it’s always nice to see people with the BF tag still walking around.

Getting ready for next patch!