Blood elves belong in the Horde

My first post here let’s see how it goes.
They(the blood elves) and all of Quel’thalas are part of the Horde. They have been so for the past 13 years and will so doing the next 13 years too. Proud members of the faction who found their place within us. You will never get Quel’thalas back. Cuz’ it bleeds red. For the Horde.


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I agree that BEs are fine in the Horde, and I think it makes the Horde more interesting. But being antagonistic toward HE/VE fans isn’t likely to lead to an interesting discussion–you’ll just make them angry and defensive.


Just wanted to clear the rear. Didn’t mean to offend any fans.

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Oh god, he’s here. Run while you can. Erevien has been the scourge of the EU forums for a thousand years.


You still have time to edit your post before the thread explodes.

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Deed is done.


They might be less crazy this time now that they at least got high elves in shadowlands.


Do enjoy the mud huts and spikes.

On a less satirical note, it is what it is. I think it’s going to boil down to opinion for a lot of people on just how well the Blood Elves fit into the Horde, or if they belong in it or not, and I don’t think this is something that’s ever going to really find any kind of consensus either.

What’s important, is that you as an individual are happy being a Blood Elf on the Horde. If you are, then enjoy that! Don’t let anyone tell you you’re on the wrong faction. You’re exactly where you belong.


Honestly the Alliance just seems to desperately want Elf paladins. I think it’d make more sense to just add Paladins to Nelves. There’s at least one and with the Zandalari pilates what qualifies as Paladin is getting vague.

On the Horde side I get the frustration with the sheer volume of Belves. In most PuGs I find it notable when everyone isn’t an Elf. I think the demographics break down to 40% Belf, 10% every OG race, and then 20% gobbos and allies.

But from a story perspective the Belves are great. They expanded on the type of stories the Horde could tell as a faction. I don’t think the Belves take away from the Orc’s style anymore than they take away from the Forsaken’s.


I love the idea of Orcs and Elves fighting side by side as allies and even friends. It’s such a wonderful switch from the standard fantasy trope.


Yeah the Belves being on the Horde is what makes them interesting. Otherwise they’d kind of be indistinguishable from the High Elves in most other fantasy fiction.

I also like how the Horde’s rubbed off on them. There’s a great bit in Zandalar where the Belves and NBorne are doing some archeology. And the NBorne are shocked their Belf cousins are willing to dig with their hands.

Seems like all that time with the Horde made them a little more rough and blue collar which I think is neat.


Yes. Please, I hope the blood elves stay over there with the murderers, traitors and floozies that they belong with. Meanwhile, the Alliance can keep the actual good thalassians- High elves and void elves.

On the other hand, nothing warms my heart more to know that the blood elves’ already dwindling population bled out even more because some of their numbers saw the light. And that light was blue! I hope more realize their error and rejoin the Alliance for good.


If they are so good then why are they a broken people with no culture

And Quel’thalas is open to high elves that want to rejoin whenever they want. Plus high elves only breed with humans so that race will be dead anytime now.

Also most of the kirin tor high elves aren’t alliance.


They’re just Velves who aren’t purple. Yet. As all of them are going to mutate into K’Thir and suck everybody’s brains out.

I for one hope to see more of the filthy heretics on my Belf Lock. The mutants must be purged with Phoenix fire for the good of Azeroth.


It’d be nice if they actually ever really showed this. Every time the Blood Elves are used, it’s to interact with Alliance races. I think that’s a big problem a lot of players have right now.


They did in battle for strom.


I don’t think this has anything to do with the Horde though. After the Third War, the Blood Elves were never afraid to get their hands dirty doing menial labor. They did whatever it took to survive.


In Arathi Liadrin is one of the commanders. Fighting alongside Orcs and only interacting with Alliance races with her sword.

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The problem is that it amounts to a BG with a little bit more dialogue than normal.

Whenever it comes to any actual story of substance we only see the Blood Elves really interacting with Alliance races.

BC? Their biggest story was Quel’Danas and the Sunwell, and it was more or less a Blood Elf and Draenei thing.
Wrath? It was about getting into Dalaran, or their rivalry with the Silver Covenant.
Cataclysm? The Reliquary came into existence and had minor spotlight, typically as rivals to the Alliance’s Explorer’s League. There was also the resurgent Amani threat, with the Silver Covenant present to help.
MoP? Purge of Dalaran, Isle of Thunder, etc… just more interacting with Alliance races.
WoD? Blood Elves go to AU Draenor and their biggest presence is just helping out the Draenei.
Legion? Not going to bother because everyone was more or less neutral.
BFA? Now it’s the Blood Elves and Nightborne fighting Azshara side by side with Jaina and Genn.

Its gotten extremely old. We need to see Blood Elves interacting more with actual Horde races for a change.

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In BC the Belves were extremely prissy. If you roll a Belf toon and go talk to the advisors stationed in Orcish and Forsaken holdings, they’ll confide their horror and disgust at the conditions.

Decade later though and we have the NBorne. Who are repeating that story beat but this time the Belves are looking at them like ‘dude just, it’s Orgrimmar, you’re going to step in worg poop stop freaking out. Just magic it off’