Blood elf dh origins

Hello all, just was doing some research on blood elf dh as I plan on maining/rping as one. I found two different passages on wowpedia about the origins of blood Elf dhs.

First under the wowpedia article for Kaelthas: As Illidan prepared his army of demon hunters to assault Argus, Kael’thas became alienated. Several of his followers had left him to join Illidan to be trained as demon hunters and he believed he could harness fel magic just as they did to sate his addiction.

Does LEFT in this passage mean that some of them completely defected from whatever post that they might have held in order to seek out illidans teachings? Perhaps to satiate their addiction?

The other passage is from the Illdari wowpedia article:
Most prominent of Illidan’s followers were Illidan’s demon hunter apprentices. Originally, Illidan trained night elf outcasts who became demon hunters to fight the Burning Legion during the Third War. Later on, he bolstered his forces by recruiting Prince Kael’thas’s Sunfury during his conquest of Outland. Following his campaign against the Lich King, he trained some of these blood elves to become demon hunters.

So I guess what I’m asking is. Is it possible that both some of the illdari blood elf initiates were sent their on orders, while others found their way on their own?

The only instances of orders that I found were from alteriouses quests.


Yeah from my understanding some were given to Illidan when Kael’thas and him were friends and some abandoned Kael’thas after he went Muh Burning Legion.

Both are valid origins.