Blood Dk LF Mythic CE raiding guild

Previous CE raider from a few xpacs ago, looking to get back into raiding CE with a guild, currently 2/8 pugging and would like to progress

Dk toon, forums attached to classic char =.=
<3 Barth based tho

Hi Preezero,
I hope your guild search is going well.

Not sure if this is of interest to you, but Coherence is a newly formed cross-faction, cross-server M+ community with several M+ teams aiming to cater to a range of playstyles. The best part is because we are a community there is no need to move guilds or give up raiding commitments!

If you’d like to push some keys on the side as you start raiding with your new guild, shoot me a message on disc @ Rimbarn#1258

Would love to chat more. We raid Wed+Thurs 7pmst -10pm st 4/8M 8/8H. Add me if you are interested in having a chat further! Bnet - Mel#1928 Disc 𝒁𝒂𝒓𝒊𝒂 ღ#5879

Hey Keth

Did you find a home?
We’re LF a MT for our Main Team Mon / Thurs 8.30 - 11pm AEDT.
Our MT took a break due to RL.
3/8M - LGBTQIA+ friendly. Alli on Nagrand / Cael / Saurfang.

Hit me up on Bnet Notyetfamous#1209

Hello Kethunter,

Are you looking for a community to call home, filled with people who will become lifelong friends?? Do you have real-life responsibilities that take up most of your time, and use WoW to de-stress?

If you answered yes then community of guilds is for you. We:

  • Welcome and accept members from all walks of life and experience levels
  • Believe in promoting a space where you can be yourself, without fear of toxicity, discrimination, or overt vulgarity
  • Maintain a fun, non-discriminatory, inclusive environment
  • Have a large active community of over 20 guilds across alliance and horde that push keys, raid, pvp, achievements, and much more.

Our raid team [OG After Dark], one of 7 raid teams within our community, is currently recruiting raiders that want to push into mythic content–either immediately, or eventually.

The team has two immutable rules:

  1. Treat each other like humans, and communicate as adults. We are all people, with the same goals, and we deserve to be treated with kindness and compassion.
  2. Maintain a growth (learning) mindset. A consistent commitment to improvement is worth infinitely more than raw skill.

Besides these two most-important concepts, there are a number of lesser requirements:

  • You must be a tagged member of to join us in raid content. Don’t want to transfer? We have over 20 connected guilds on most large WoW servers.
  • You must have discord and a working mic to raid.
  • Put the guild’s progress above personal loot.
  • Use the tools at your disposal. DeadlyBossMods addon, Weak Auras, Angry assignments, anything else to give you the 1% edge.
  • Run M+ to fill the weekly vault. We will help with this.

End of the day:
Our main goal is to let you play what you want to play. We expect punctuality and commitment to the raid group and respect towards the other raid members. Our bare minimum requirement is to know your class, know the fights, and be willing to learn and improve–for your own benefit, and the benefit of the team. All of these things really should go without saying–you take pride in your skill and abilities. Stick with us, and you will eventually unlock the doors on mythic raiding, and be counted among the best players in the game.

Raid time
Saturday 6pm PST- 9pm PST

Please fill out our raid team application form below

Contact information
Bnet - Valz#1832
Bnet - AUD1OSL4V3#1614

Mythic Plus
Dungeons are a key part of the game, and are integral in building a gearset to push top content. From learning a new dungeon at the start of an expansion to pushing keys with a group of friends, there is always lots of fun to be had and we could always use another member to help. Keys are a great way to have some fun while making new friends. There is a wide range of keys being pushed, from +2 to +20, and I’m sure in our community you will find members that fit your playstyle.

Cross-Faction Gaming
At the time of this writing, we have guilds on 19 American servers and one OCE server that raid and run dungeons together. We also have a cross-faction community Discord that serves as a hub to connect all of these servers, and let you interface and run content with folks from wherever we are. And we have GIFs.

Saturday raiding does not work for you?
No worries! We offer a variety of other raiding options that fit the raider of all skill levels. We even have basic training for those who are looking to step into raiding for the first time.