Blood DK LF Late night Saturday/Sunday or early morning guild Heroic/Mythic

Ok so here is a raid day summary.

Saturday and Sundays - 11:30pm - Till when ever. Central US (-6 GMT)
Monday - Friday - 4am to 7am Central US (-6GMT)

I also have server first titles from Wraith.

My Raid Exp. goes back to Vanilla. I even raided 40man nax when it was crazy hard. I didn’t raid in MoP. I took a break from wow then and then in BFA I quit after the first tier. Found BFA pretty boring and lack luster after having a blast in legion.

Add me on bnet zarx#1157

I am wanting to stay horde.

No super late night or early morning guilds?

None out there?

Updated my post

Wheres that needle?

Any guilds?

No guilds if these hours?

Any guilds around with these raid times?

had the wrong bnet tag lol.

Hello Zaarx

We are back. Having grown into a 600+ member community. Always look for Morning/daytime players and guilds to take part in the community. Come check us out if you are interested! Lots of fun things going on!


Still looking.

Looking for that unicorn guild.

Any guilds?