Blood DK - Kite Meta

Im finding that i have to start kitting at +10 telly in with door of shadows with general draven’s mitigation, using swaming mists and blood boild, then generate 6 stacks of bone shield and drop dnd. Then run forest run whilst using chains of ice where i can

These seem like very solid suggestions. Some of them I like more than others though.

Like this one, doing this will make Blood Boil not really worth casting. I was thinking about this would be great with Crimson Scourge but ehhh… I mean, the first thing you do is apply DoTs anyway.

I’m more of a fan of making Blooddrinker baseline that costs RP instead of a Rune, removing its CD and just drains all targets affected by Blood Plague in range. This would make Blood DK do damage from the distance while he is moving.

Death Strike hitting extra targets while sitting in Death and Decay sounds very nifty for Blood to have. Every spec has at least an ability that costs a rune and 2 runes, Marrowrend happens to be one of them. Removing Marrowrend will render Blood have more trouble generating RP from the lack of GCDs.

Death’s Due should also include Marrowrend and Festering Strike to hit an additional target to be honest. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you’re underestimating how powerful damage reductions are, this is an on-demand damage reduction. There was a reason it was once considered over Will of the Necropolis. Turning it into a bootleg Death Strike would make the damage redox very missed.

Other than those changes above, good suggestions! I really like the idea of Dark Succor on Death Strike. It baffles me that why Blood doesn’t have it. .-.

“Developers’ note: We’ve noticed tanks in Mythic Keystone Dungeons feeling pressured to spend more time running away and less time actually tanking than we’d like. In an effort to address this, we’re dialing back the tank damage of a number of dungeon denizens who’ve proven to be particularly painful.”

Seems that Blizzard is aware of the issue but I don’t think this will address the problem. Kiting offers a 100% damage reduction to the tank. I really hope there is more changes planned for patch 9.1.


Think the simplest and an effective fix for Blood DKs is to increase their health pool, maybe by 10% across all levels. It would be a passive buff to Death Strike, Vampiric Blood, Bonestorm, Runes of Sanguination/Stoneskin/Fallen Crusader, and some conduits like Blood Bond and Meat shield. Plus it would give BDK its thematic uniqueness amongst other tanks and more true to what we saw in previous expansions with them having massive health pools sucking the life out of everything around them.

I just want to know why Blood doesnt have Transfusion, but Unholy and Frost do.

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Where is that note?

Found it:

I totally agree. It’s the silmplest fix, but I think 30ish% would be closer to what’s needed for no mobility. My current HP unbuffed is 52K so 10% would only be 57K, and 30% would only be 67-68K(depends on how it rounds). 30% sounds like a huge amount but it’s not really as much as it sounds.

Just seems weird to nerf the dungeons rather than buff up the tanks that need it.
Now Gdruid and VDH are just gonna steam roll the content even harder, the meta isnt going to adjust at all, and prot warriors/BDKs/BRMs are still relative garbage.

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Agreed, if all they do is keep nerfing the dungeons then eventually people will just run 5 dps with heal food. Keep Mobs hitting hard, make tanks able to survive it.

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Did a 11 mists last night. The spriest complained the whole start of the dungeon because they expected nonstop kiting still, he left before the first boss and we still finished it though.

And even with the “nerfs” i was still getting demolished ALOT. I would constantly have to run out as I hit my DnD to slow them down and just wait on the sidelines still, and with inspiring preventing that slow. Made it even harder because the first 10-15 seconds i can’t do much of anything.

Our dps sucks.
Our M+ survivability sucks.

I’m ranked as the top… 19 or so Blood dk on the server set. I looked at the number 1… he has 1 timed 12, if i remember right and an IO score of like 850 or something. Compared to VDH which has 80+ well above that.

But I’m sure they’ll ignore us once again this week.

Yah. I don’t mind mobs hitting hard enough that a DPS can’t tank it. It’s good for team chemistry for everyone to fulfill a role. Just like tanks shouldn’t be competing with DPS on the meters.

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Its your gear.
Bad stat distribution.

Waaaaay to much crit.
Need waaaay more haste/vers

But it is silly that we require perfect itemization to be functional in mid-level content.

Oh I know theres some gear changes I need to make. I overemphasized vers/crit at the start thinking parry was going to be important and the leggo guide for SS saying crit/vers was the way to make it. Then it gets into an ilvl diff with off stats ( 184 with vers/whatever vs 216-220 with no vers. )

That gets further into itemization being bad this go-round around as well. WIth most haste/vers being gated behind pvp.

Then there is the fact they apparently gave up on parry being a thing for us anymore as well, which was marketed as why we don’t need a shield in the first place.

But basically what bliz is saying, rather than tanking, I should spend all my time pvp’ing to get the gear so I don’t need to tank?

I might sit down later tonight and try to reevaluate everything some and see where I really need to focus more.

But none of that changes the underlying fact that Blood DKs are underperforming for quite a few issues.

Yes, PvP for all the BiS tanking gear so that you can be Ilvl 220, perfectly itemized, and never have to actually tank anything since you basically beat the game :stuck_out_tongue:

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DK has no mobility but its kit was to always restrict enemy mobility to make up for it. Utilize your death and decay.

The hp buff would break raiding balance. Our class is in need of a rework. I suspect that 9.1 will bring further changes to m+ and hopefully DKs as well.

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Lot of mobs are immune to our slows or can cast in place. Slow kiting is also not ideal as you can take ranged damage and not be able to self heal with death strike.

not a lot of mobs are immune to the slow. its usually special mobs that are singled or surrounded by smaller mobs that can be slowed. Unless im forgetting a pack that does have more than 2 mobs that cant be slowed, then please remind me. We have death grip to pull a mob after we death and decay and run away if ranged mob is an issue. Or you can manage the pacing by just walking in your death grip so you’ll kite the mobs in sort of a V formation, where you attack the mob in the front, and your blood boil cleaves will still hit mobs behind the main mob focus.

Honestly tank balance isn’t as bad as what it seems on the surface. Any tank can do at least +15 keys if they are competent enough. That includes Warriors and Blood DK. Blood DK damage isn’t THAT bad and our kit actually has decent tools for kiting. Chains of Ice, Grip of the Dead (talent), Death’s Advance… you can also use gore fiends to pull melee mobs back to a caster and create more distance.
Blood is pretty technical, just make sure to keep up bone shield and keep some runic power pulled. Vamp Blood + Rune Tap should ensure you don’t get one shot at the start of a pull also.

Balanced? Look at the Mythic + leader board, PVP leader board, and Raid parses counts and you wont see many tanks other then DH. I don’t think blood is broken and doing a 15+ key is possible with any tank, however the higher end of gameplay is not something many would use a blood DK for.

Making Grip of the dead baseline would be helpful. Add a blink to wraith walking (same effect the big skeleton adds do in de other side and in diablo). Other talent can be a defensive giving tanks that like to stand their ground another option.

Another option is to give our pet an AOE taunt giving you a chance to move away or reset stacks - something similar to trents or the old army of the dead.

For PVP talents something that increase our base speed would be very helpful in flag carrying.

Lots of different things can be done to help make blood a more competitive pick!