Blood DK / Brewmaster Alt LF AOTC Focused Raid

Thanks for looking! 431 Blood DK / 402ish Brewmaster Alt looking for an AOTC focused raid group with casual progression. Note all item levels listed here are subject to change, depending on the rng wizards that serve up the weekly chest of disappointment.

I am on the Thrall server and operate on east coast time, so Ideally I am looking for a weekend raid or an earlier start weekday run. Anything later than 10:30 pm on WEEKDAYS and I turn into a pumpkin - it’s not pretty. Weekend times are way more flexible.

If you find yourself in need of a tank, offtank or brewer of stout coffee, my bnet is Prime#1596

Best of luck

Edited to clarify timing and availability.

Hi there Brewan!

I thought I would reach out to you! Maybe…just maybe…my guild might work for you.

While we don’t need a tank for raiding, we could use the dps. But…we have been looking for people interested in tanking keys.

Here’s the kicker though, we are on an east coast server, but most of us are west coast, and the guild doesn’t get kicking until 9pm server. I know crazy right? What the hell are we doing on and east coast server!

Anyhoo…here’s our guild spam if you want to look at it: [H]Revered with Death - What's your End Game?

Best of luck to you in your search…get in touch with me if we sound THRILLING enough for you. :wink: