Blood DK [Bleeding Hollow] LF Raiding Guild


Looking for a raiding guild with set times for runs. Willing to realm transfer if necessary. Experienced tanking end game raids. Currently ilvl 395 tank set and 391 DPS set. Got back into WoW after taking a break since Cata. Used to raid often during WOTLK and Cata and am looking to get back into it after enjoying the last couple of months of being back in Azeroth.

In game: Oobagij Bleeding Hollow


Sunset Riders is a newly formed guild of friends and compatriots. Raiding two nights a week, we are a casual no drama guild! So far, we have achieved 7/9 heroic. We also run mythic pluses, and generally have fun! We are Moon Guard, if you are interested.

We raid on Wednesday and Friday from 7 pm to 9:30 pm server time.
We also run Normal Tier raids on Saturday nights as well (7:30 pm Server time).

Currently, we are a seeking ranged dps (Shadow Priest/Warlock) for progression, Item level of 390+, with knowledge of fight mechanics and a desire to learn and push content. Others will be considered of course!

We are still a growing guild, but we like to do things, and are fairly active in game and on discord. add laskaland#1404 in bnet if interested

(Tiffin) #3

Hi Oobagij, We’re on Bleeding Hollow and in need of a tank, so if going Horde is an option, I hope you’ll consider us! :slight_smile:

<Sacred Fire> On Bleeding Hollow was originally founded during Cataclysm by a group of in-game friends. We have a long history of raiding together going back to BC and Wrath. Our main goal for BFA is AOTC. We’re currently seeking experienced, goal oriented raiders, those new or returning to raiding, as well as active social members.

Raid Schedule: Tues. and Thurs. 9:00pm to 11:00pm Eastern time.

Current Progression:
Heroic Uldir: 8/8 AOTC
Heroic BoD: 9/9 AOTC
Heroic Cos: 1/2

If you’re looking for Heroic Raiding or doing Mythic+ in a fun environment we encourage you to get in touch with us.
B-net: Hoob#11345, Tiffin#11683 or Itz#1225

TY for your time!


Hi Oobagji!
Exodus on Fizz/Agg would love to have you join our ranks! We are a casual group that raids 2 nights a week (tues/thurs. 8:30pm-11) and do alt. raids and pluses on off nights. We have plenty of players willing to help you gear via. gear stacked plus and alt runs. Lmk if you’re interested! (Lavalocks-Fizzcrank)