Blood dk’s… healer’s PoV

I guess blood dk’s are the meta tank atm and while it’s cool I wanted to know some of the opinions from other healers and how they like being grouped up with blood dk’s in mythic+.

My own experiences it is reliant on which healer I am playing and the skill level of the blood dk. When I’m playing my rsham I haven’t had a great experience with blood dk’s. It’s not that they die but I don’t feel like the two specs really mesh well together. On my holy priest on the other hand, I have better experiences with blood dk’s because i feel like the two kind of work well together.

Now onto the skill level of a blood dk, it’s no secret that blood dk can be a bit more complex than other tanks. Some blood dk’s take little damage and some blood dk’s have their health bars shooting back and forth and makes me very uneasy. As a healer, I never really know if they’re good or not and it takes time away from me being able to DPS or heal other people. I don’t actually play a blood dk and can’t explain why some blood dk’s are much better than others, but I’m going to guess that it’s a skill issue.

Would probably help me understand them more if I played one for myself and I might do that, but for now I’m going to say I have a mixed or slightly unfavorable opinion of them


dk is insane and u should almost never need to heal them

its really that simple

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It’s better to take some damage and get bigger self heals. I don’t mean down to 1/4 health or anything, but 2/3-3/4-ish. You’re wasting runes or energy otherwise.


I love healing blood dk’s, but i’m not impressed by their dps that much.

I remember trying to do the Tyrannical Mueh’zala platforms with one not too long ago…not good. But with a pally, it’s never a question we’re gonna rock that guy.

All the tanks are great tbh for different reasons…Blood DK makes up for (what i perceive to be) low dps with powerful utility options, like a brez and the self-heals. :100:

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Blood DK damage is all based on dancing rune weapon uptime

If your blood DK isn’t popping DRW on the mueh’zala adds, they hard trolling


Blood dks often outheal me so a big :heart: to all the bloods out there.

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That’s funny. If I do epic BGs on my blood dk I am almost always top heals.

When I heal the hardest part I find is the beginning. Those first few pulls tell me how much attention they will need and if I can trust the blue HP bar or not. I’m just glad that not all DKs are as spikey as they once were.

That hasnt been my experience with them all the time. I have had some fantastic blood dk’s but when it comes to pugging, I’d say the average blood dk isn’t something I’m a fan of

The 2/3 to 3/4 range is fine but I see some blood dks health bars shooting between 20-100%. They might feel safe playing that way but as a healer I don’t feel very safe

Yeah, that’s not safe or courteous.

Healing a Blood DK is like the stupidest thing a healer can do.


This is my approach, get a weak aura to track their runic power or enable power bars on your frames. If the death knight has 60 or more runic power I don’t even think about them. If they are stuck below 60 they been healing. Blood struggles on pull so I usually get ready for them to be at a 1/4 health when they walk into a 4 pack. Once they get rolling I let them do their thing a good blood death knight requires almost no healing. That being said not all death knights are the best and they will need healing or they will die. Blood also has a huge amount of cooldowns and they have to rotate them effectively or they will die and there’s really nothing you can do to help a dk that won’t press their defensive a where as a bear tank can kind of get away with doing less and living.

If you are doing content for newer players I would say heal them like any other tank. If you are doing more challenging content a dk is expected to take care of themselves most of the time. They have all the tools to do so.


From my understanding you gotta help them get settled into the pull and then you can ease off.

Once they’re in their groove they do most of their own healing.

This assumes they know what they’re doing, however.

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I tried tanking for a while but I got tired of people giving me grief over not knowing where to go in dungeons and raids so I went back to unholy but I’m considering trying frost, I have just not been able to make myself play since seeing Arthas reduced to a blue fart.


With the Fracture talent, and using Soul Cleave, I can self heal as well as a Blood DK, just saying. I’ve notice that many Vengeance DH’s don’t take the fracture talent for some reason. It gives for more soul fragments.

Blood dk is the worst designed tank in the game. It does not matter if they’re OP or not, the spec needs redesigned.

That being said, as a healer I do not heal blood dks. At all. They get nothing.

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I just did a cartoon skit quest with Arthis and Uldar as new pallies .
It was interesting Left a spar now

I’ve seen like 1 Blood DK this patch, ever.

Just heal bro

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