<Blood and Crumpets> Horde Wed/Fri 8pm-12am PST

We started as a small guild of RL friends who’ve known each other since the original TBC. Currently working on building a solid team of committed raiders for ph2 and beyond. We cleared all the content back in the day, and want to do it again.

11/11 out of Kara 1/2 gruul (with a lot of Pugs). We are working towards a second Kara team and helping people get attuned/geared for phase 2.

Currently recruiting
Resto Shaman
Feral Druid (ot/dps)
Good DPS

We also welcome any quality players regardless of class/spec
If you are thinking of transferring, we’d love to welcome you to a great guild for running content

Raid times Wed and Friday 8pm-12am PST

DM me here or on discord Khailel#0009