Blizzcon 2020 is cancelled

Because of Covid 19 or the Coronvirus. This Year’s Blizzcon has been cancelled. I have never seen a Con ended up getting Cancelled up until now. Its kind of shame really since I and my family really wanted to go in person ether this year or next year.

But due to Covid 19. I’ll never see the Awesome Panels of WoW, Diablo, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft, and etc now…

This year is turning out to be not so much of a great year.

Not sure if this is new we all new this would happen.


All because of November.


Maybe we’ll get a scaled down online version.

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There’s always next year.


They aren’t even doing the virtual thing?

We knew this several months ago.


They are probably going to do it Virtual instead of the actually thing.

This was announced months ago. They are going to do something virtually, but haven’t given details yet.

Blizzcons where there is no new WoW expansion to announce usually suck anyway.


I believe there are plans for a Virtual thing in the works:

Last update was in May.


Last few have been garbage anyway. NBD imo.


Gen Con got cancelled this year as well, along with some live shows I’ve been looking forward to since last year.

Really has been a bummer.


Covid hasn’t effected me irl besides the 2 events I got to every year, blizzcon and anime expo. Depressing.

It’s a shame that it was cancelled, though I would’ve been going alone this year since none of my friends would have been able to be there (Canada and Australia are very far and expensive to travel from). And I don’t know how I’d feel being there without them since they were there for the last two.

Then again, I’ve effectively spent the last six months alone in my apartment with only cats, and my out of apartment interactions have been more or less passing people by and trying to avoid contact since my parents both got COVID and it scared the hell out of me.

Hopefully it’ll be back next year, though; the atmosphere is really fun to enjoy.

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Okay i get it sucks, but i think that’s to be expected this year.

Next year, okay, but why this year? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Why not just stream it? it’s less money and you won’t risk the chance of dying. Just plug your computer or whatever to your TV, gather around like it’s 1950’s to watch the stream and bam. :slight_smile:

Blizzard said that it’ll be on Streaming Event instead of the actually thing and besides noone knew Covid 19 was going to happen until now.

They can’t all be winners. Look on the bright side; you’re financially secure enough to keep playing WoW at least.

Back in 2019 of December, sure. I can believe that. And i’l only believe that, because right now or even back in Feb 2020, that’s an impossibility to not know about that. And it would be silly to just host a public event where everybody comes in person at this year and possibly the next year.

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Thought this was a necro. OP, they canceled it months ago


I’m sure they will do a virtual blizzcon.

No way is acti/blizz going to pass up all that sweet money people pay to see their advertisements.

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