Blizzards common sense... WOW Classic Beta

I like how Blizzard gave Classic Beta Keys to the very people that attacked there company for the past 3 years. These people attacked Blizzards employee’s, finances, game play, they left no stone un-turned in there attacks. Daily live streams of how bad WOW Live is and endless youtube video’s…

But yeah no problem give these mongrel’s Beta Keys. I’m dead…

I played in the actual Beta of WOW almost 15 years ago and got CD’s 2nd hand from an actual developer and played the game ever since. Do I get a Beta Key to Classic? Nope.


I understand your frustration but did you read this on how to potentially get yourself invited?


Popular streamers getting beta invites to games they’re known for streaming is super common and makes perfect sense. It’s literally free advertising for whatever company is doing it.

In WoW’s specific case, many of these streamers aren’t happy with modern WoW but have been looking forward to Classic to some degree, so it’s not like they’re there to talk crap about Classic.

FWIW, unless you’re just really itching to provide feedback for a product that we’ve already seen 13-14 years ago (since It’s based on 1.12, right?), it’s not really a big deal. Do you really want to waste time in the beta only to have to start over when it goes live?

I know I wouldn’t. That’s what’s kept me from poking around at private servers, I didn’t want to put any time into something like that when the actual product would be arriving soonish.


Yes I did this. 36 hours ago that option was not available in the preferences. The option was added at about that time.
I opted in it almost 24 hours ago.

But let’s not pretend that option was available for months or even weeks. Because it was not in the preferences. It was just added a couple days ago.

Good luck and I hope you get an invite

Reminder beta invites are going out in waves, I highly doubt very many non-streamers have them yet. Patience is likely a virtue here as they probably won’t widen the audience for a bit.

False. Anyone that streams a Beta will get the viewers. Established streamers that have berated the game for years make no difference.

“Criticism is violence.”



Lol yeah it is kind of funny to see the very people who talk mad trash on WoW end up getting beta keys. I don’t even plan to play Classic so no I’m not someone salty about getting a beta invite.

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Obviously you have not seen just how low some of these guys have gone with there attacks on Blizzard.

Why would Blizzard reward them? Thats just dumb.

It’s almost like they want to have the most popular players have access to the game they loved so that they can have the #1 spot on Twitch and other platforms…

Thus giving them more publicity and possibly even more people to give it a shot.


I played in the original wow beta. Do you deserve a key more than I do?

The entitlement is ridiculous.

You pay them and they give your access to their game. The equation is balanced they don’t owe you anything else!!! Get over yourself.


Maybe because they want players to return to their game… hopefully because they don’t take physical damage from words.


Anyone that streams the beta will get viewers from people who are already interested in the product and specifically searching for that content.

Streams from already hugely popular streamers get people watching that might not have been interested enough to check themselves. Plenty of people still watch Asmongold and others despite not actually playing WoW for years.

I think Crendor is in there too and his audience isn’t even WoW at this point so… you’re wrong.

Hi, my name is Johnny None.

I don’t stream. I don’t have a job in any game media service. I clicked the World of Warcraft: Classic Beta check box and 18 hours later, BANG Invite.

Now, stop thinking like a player and try thinking like a business. Streamers = free advertising.

Edit: To the post below claiming that Blizzard isn’t really inviting real vanilla players, I started in the open WoW beta. I also have multiple cancellations on my account over the last 14+ years.


I mean the majority of the playerbase (at least on these forums and other ones) complain about the game and have all sorts of colorful things to say about the devs. Half the reasons the streamers do it is because it’s what their viewers want to hear. If they only gave beta access to players who said “nice things” then you’d have 4 people on the beta servers right now


I mean. That’s exactly who you would give the beta keys to. You want to see the critics eat their words, or sing their tune. You want publicity.

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Publicity for already established streamers? Again these are people that attack Anything BLizzard does or has done, just because they are established makes zero difference. Audiences and viewers will flock to anyone that has beta content right now.

The publicity that established streamers in theory bring is misunderstood and a mixed bag.

“Been playing since Vanilla, therefore Blizzard owes me.”

You could cut through that entitlement with a plastic spoon.



I hope you never are put at the helm of a business. You don’t seem to understand advertising.