Blizzard zero Hunter changes in the patch notes?

Even though Hunter is the squishiest, defensive lacking class in this insane PvP damage meta…nothing at all, all you do is take away double tap from MM.

I usually am pretty hopeful about things when it comes to balance but this has really just shaking my head in disappointment in the disconnect from the balance team and Hunter representation.

You buff the classes that didn’t need buffs, AOE Shiv to Sin rogue, Spriest FULL damage buffs across the board, Feral DAMAGE buffs across the board. But Hunter sees ZERO changes.

I’m done. I’m actually over this game.


Except they didn’t take Double tap away. That was datamined information and the patch notes just released with no changes.

That wasn’t datamined, that was literally posted by a developer for the 10.0.5 changes. It is still on the PTR and incoming btw. Double tap is getting removed.


DT is absolutely getting removed. What makes people post with such confidence when they are so completely wrong? I could see you saying, “I think” or “as far as I know” … but coming in hot with the wrong info. Damn.


I tried really hard to stay positive despite everything, but it looks like they’re just buffing everyone that is worse than any spec of Hunter at anything.

  • BM single target is currently good. Not the best, but good. Now a dozen specs under BM is getting their single target buffed.
  • MM AoE is currently good. Not the best, but good. Now a bunch of specs under MM is getting their AoE buffed.
  • SV is still the black sheep of the game and not even a mention of changes.

There is a little voice in my head that keeps telling me they have bigger changes for Hunters that will require it’s own massive post, but 10.0.5 is weeks away and still not even a whisper, other than hamstringing MM in PvP.



I doubt HUGE changes and talent reworks will happen in the .5 and .7 patches. So I wouldn’t hold my breath. BM’s burst needs to be addressed in talent reworks though, whenever they do occur. If not, then they just need to come out and own the fact that they want some specs doing m+, some specs doing only ST, etc.

I mean the Druid changes show they aren’t opposed to it. A couple other classes got some of their 2pt talents reduced as well. A lot of the issues Hunter trees are experiencing are things that are being addressed for other specs.


what? no, the changes are literally on PTR. its going to go live. that wasnt datamined… posted by devs too.

because its live on PTR and it has been for a few weeks. its getting removed.

Right. That’s what I was saying. I think my fat finger question mark confused you! Will edit lol


I do feel bad seeing no changes for hunters. While MM is doing pretty well, the possibility of DT being on the chopping block it is scary. I don’t play enough BM to have an opinion on the subject, so I’ll skip it. My biggest concern is Survival; is once again the least played spec in the game, outside PVP it doesn’t do very well, unless you are a GOD gamer. I’ll be honest I don’t want to go through another Shadowlands, where for a patch Surv was really good and the forgotten. The developers keep ignoring the community’s cry for help and they no addressing these is just sad.


From the new thread, looks like SV is getting some damage buffs, but nothing on bm aoe, double tap explanation or survivability yet.



  • All ability damage and pet damage increased by 2%.
  • Butchery and Carve damage increased by 10%.
  • Fury of the Eagle damage increased by 10%.
  • Wildfire Bomb damage increased by 15%.

1: Sin needed more AoE. It is far behind the other 2 rogue specs in m+.


Looks like buffs to me


Just waht we needed, more sv buffs to further force ranged hunters to play that spec

In PVP btw. i know it’s not great in pve

So, with Destro, Affliction and SV getting buffed on Tuesday, that officially puts BM AoE as dead last.

With all the single target buffs coming to other classes, I expect BM single target to drop to the bottom half of the list.

I hate being so negative, but this game seriously brings it out of me.


So, hear me out though. No DK changes, no Disc Priest changes, no Hunter changes except a couple baseline damage tweaks for pve for SV.

This leads me to believe they’re back from the holiday vacation and working on stuff, but they’re not releasing it all at once. I still think there will be changes coming.


I hope so man but it really feels like the hunter dev got taken out back ol yeller style


The problem with that way of thinking is many of us were hopeful throughout SL and nothing ever happened.


This is true, I quit SL after season 1, and after checking back in I realized it was a good choice for me.

However, I am 99.9% sure there are different devs on the team, and so far they’ve made a LOT of rapid and (mostly) accurate changes. This tuning pass for pvp changes on tuesday is pretty solid (although incomplete).

I don’t recall this many changes even early on in SL. Given the holidays I expected the downtime period, but now that they’re back in office we’re seeing lots of notes coming out, so I still have some hope. But I’m also not holding my breath or going to be pikachu shocked meme if there aren’t…

Double tap is broken.

Even without doubletap hunter does great damage.