Blizzard you need to update the pet currency system in shadowlands

Blizzard posted a pet battle update in the beta forums today and mentioned the following.

“First, we have no plans to make a new pet charm currency this expansion. Polished Pet Charms will remain the standard currency to buy new pets, toys, consumables, and all of the other normally-available vendor purchases.”

I feel this is a huge mistake. Nothing from Shadowlands should be purchasable with currency you can farm now. It trivializes the rewards and the content of the new expansion. Blizzard introduced a new currency with BFA but their fatal error was lowering the value of the old currency by removing rewards you could purchase.

With the release of Shadowlands blizzard should officially establish a two currency system for pet battles. Currency A (Shiny) should be earned in any previous expansion content and used to purchase all pets/toys/stones/food/items from previous expansions.

Currency B (Polished) should only be earned in new expansion activities and be used for pets/toys in the new expansion as well as stones/food.

Once a new expansion releases all of a players Currency B (Polished) should be converted to Currency A (Shiny). The player loses no value from their currency being converted because they can still buy all of the existing items. The expansion feels fresh and new because rewards actually need to be earned by doing relevant content.

I disagree. If I want all the pets from each covenant then I would need to level four seperate characters. That’s hardly trivial.

Then there’s faction specific pets, content difficulty pets, achievement pets, reputation currency pets, holiday currency pets, dungeon currency pets and probably others I can’t recall right now.

If anything they might want to consider trading in the old charms for the current one, just to keep it simple.


I think the current currency setup would be a minor issue if there was a ton of upcoming vendor pets. However, from what I’ve seen datamined so far, there aren’t a lot of pets that can be purchased at this time.

It’s also possible that any vendors pets coming in Shadowlands will require a separate (Covenant) currency, or maybe even just gold.

At the moment, it’s looking like Charms will be mainly used for basic consumables such as battlestones, bandages, treats, and the usual cosmetic stuff.

No need to worry yet that some collectors will “get ahead” of anyone else because they have a stockpile of Charms, or that collecting will become “trivialized”.


With this logic, every content patch should also nerf currency.

Nah. One way or the other, you already did the work to farm the currency. Just let us be rewarded for it.


Currency is rewarded for efforts.

Would it make sense for Walmart to refuse to sell you something because you made that money at a previous job?

Currency pets are kind of a tax anyways. Wouldn’t mind less of them because if your a collector they’re just something you’ll have to grind for instead of spending the money on leveling stones.


Could be that Shadowlands is just backing off on the charms-to-buy-pets thing that was such a big deal in BfA, with its 28 new pets that you got from vendors with Polished Pet Charms, and most of those vendors were gated behind rep or questing.

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all BfA content that rewards polished pet charms should just instead switch to rewarding shiny pet charms like in all old content

simple as that

I really hope that is the case, Warrenoats!!

Will we know all of this from Beta for certain? If pets are being sold on vendors for currency again, how much - and how much the consumables will cost in Shadowlands?

I think my only concern is whether to still stock up a bit more now on consumables like I planned. With other special currencies, they didn’t like the idea of people hoarding it and if the currency was carrying over, the new prices would be higher to compensate. But maybe they don’t care if we stockpile charms, that’s be nice.

edit: oh, I’m a week late to this conversation :blush:

Yes. Blizzard made a post about it in the Shadowlands general forum.