Blizzard, you can have my $ or have layering on ERA, not both

Blizzard, when you dropped HC and turned on layering for ERA, I unsubbed 4 accounts (2 for me, 2 for my kids) because I play ERA only and want VISIBLE player saturation in the world. That is what it makes it fun (WoW is a game and games are supposed to be fun; layering on ERA = no fun = no play = no sub = no money for you). If I want to play a 1-player game all by myself, I’ll play some other game—that I don’t have to pay for. I won’t pay for WoW to be alone in a zone while I level.

I came back to ERA when you turned layering off for ERA a couple days after HC launch. It seemed then that you’d finally learned to listen to your ERA playerbase. I guess I was wrong. So I’m just telling you straight up; I will unsub all accounts again if you don’t turn layering back off again on ERA. I know I’m just one person so maybe you don’t care, but I pay real money to play this game, so I’m speaking my piece.

Layering on ERA…or my money; you choose.

That is all.


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I don’t use the forum a ton, so didn’t know that. TY.


Classic Era realms, such as Whitemane, do not have layering enabled, and have not had layering enabled for months.


So weird when people make threats like this lol.


Egg on face. Sincere apologies.


gigachad lol


Always make sure you have your info correct before you make a silly angry threat post…


And because a blue name replied this thread just got blasted to every wowhead feed on every discord that has that enabled. :sweat_smile: how embarrassing. :see_no_evil:


I guess so. :open_mouth:

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Thats what brought me! Just glorious.

lmao yeah same.

i guess era is just dead now F

Blizzard sadly won’t be able to appease everyone. You’ll have people whining about there being layering, and those whining that there isn’t layering. No one wants to play on a seemingly dead world, but at the same time no one wants to be stuck unable to level at a reasonable pace due to congestion and not enough layers.

And in comes Kaivax with a steel chair! Bah Gawd someone stop the match!


This is epic!

Insane that someone with children types like this lol


Era is just dead atm 60-70% of the population that would’ve played on Era are currently playing on Season of Discovery. The fact that Era is so dead that someone made a post like this thinking they turned on layering is just lmao. Realize that people have other gameplay avenues rn and not everyone is going to always be on the Era servers.

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I’m almost certain the OP came to this conclusion due to an addon stating there are layers present.

Yet, Blizzard has stated now multiple times that the addon is not accurate, and should be taken with a grain of salt.

This isn’t the first time someone has complained about layering that Blizzard has had to correct the record.

I for one would wish Blizzard would (if they could) address the issue of people constantly worrying about what layer they’re on, instead of just playing the game, by permanently breaking such addons. Nothing good comes from the every 2 second “request for layer” comment in chat, players cheesing the game by layer hopping, or streamers crashing layers by getting everyone invited to their layer.

I dun nede tuh tayk dat frum u. I dun learnt gud in skhoul.


Imagine going into a store and talking to the employees like this.