Blizzard won't let me play with my friends

They don’t want to take my money so I can join my family and friends on a locked server. I am also coming from a locked server. Blizzard wtf


This is a you problem, not a Blizzard problem. They have already explained, and I even showed you in another thread. Here, I’ll link the post again:

We have disabled new character creation and incoming paid transfers to the US and EU mega-realms, and they will remain locked indefinitely.

This was a difficult choice that we feel is very heavy-handed. By doing this, we will cut off opportunities for new and returning players to join their friends on these large realms, possibly for many months. However, the situation on these realms is completely untenable, and even if we can eliminate queues in the short term, this is going to continue to be a problem when new content releases as long as mega-realms exist. As a result, we’ve made the choice to effectively close US and EU mega-realms to new and additional incoming players indefinitely. We will also be monitoring our other realms and will take similar steps if they begin to inch into mega-realm territory in the future, and we may do so with little to no warning. We’ve been hesitant to this because we really dislike restricting player movements and potentially breaking up social circles, but that ethos is no longer compatible with the reality we find ourselves in.

If you want to play with your friends, encourage them to transfer to a realm that isn’t locked.


Majority of people don’t read blue posts like you. It is not my problem that Blizzard is incompetent but you defend them why? Because you’re a teachers pet.


Yeah, whatever man. I’m just going to ignore the troll for now.

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You are the troll for supporting a system where people can’t play with their family and friends. You sound miserable maybe you should move to a dead server?


Sulfurus is locked. Sulfurus is also the only server that does not offer free transfers off. They should fix their own problems before they expect people to fix it for them by paying money.


You have my pity. Booo Blizzard.


What even does that prove? Medium is not low.

They said they wanna kill megaservers. That means they have to strong arm people like you. That’s just the sad reality. Best you guys can do is move to another server together.

You’re right. Especially when there isn’t anyone around.

Just make the game cross server. Servers are cringe.


You one of those people whos problems is always someone elses fault?


You can tell this guy/girl is cringe. Honestly i feel bad for people like this that are soo self involved. Lets hope they can touch grass and recover from their depression.

Lets removes Servers. Problem solved.

Learn English before you come into forums bashing someone who is upset they cant play with someone on world of warcraft. Not enough likes can take away from the fact that you’re laughing at someone who is going through a hardship that wasn’t self induced. Even paid money to play with them. Sad

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Oh are you one of those white liberal knights whos gonna save me? Just bc im a minority doesnt mean im not intelligent , i know where the dmv is i have an id.

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Just when you thought someone couldn’t be more cringe than the saralock person.
Here you are.

You seem to have some strange obsession with me for some reason… It is actually disturbing.

People who use the word cringe are cringe just stop.