Blizzard will not ban bots

If I was the classic wow producer I wouldn’t ban bots until sub numbers dropped significantly and then I would ban all bots in one fell swoop with a PR move announcement on the front page and client


And I know for a fact that players identify others as “bots” way too often

Always at their farm spot…bot
Undercutting on AH…bot
Mage with silly name…bot
Chinese char hunter pet…bot
Took my lotus/rtv…bot

And the list goes on


nobody wants to admit there is a language barrier on most NA servers.

you forgot about the 60 mages that repeatedly try to go into instances even when they are locked out… oh wait… those are bots!!!

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I’ve been called a bot at least two dozen or so times. I gave up on trying to farm in EPL, after getting at least two whispers every hour or so asking me “hey, are you here?”, followed by “reporting you if you don’t reply”

This game has a bot problem-- this is a fact, but it also has a community problem. Too many players madly obsessed with sniffing out and reporting bots and spamming reddit with screenshots of how they did a /who and saw funny names in stratholme, or that “see, why are so many rogues in this area? bots!” I’m glad people want to clean up the game and remove these fake players, but not at the cost of annoying those of us that are legit.


Bliz needs to remove teleport hacks in the first place. These are how bots farm.


I know for a fact they do. Simply because I know someone in real life
who was banned for botting. The only difference between him and other
botters. Is he admits he was botting. You can also go on certain sites
that the botters hang around in, and see all the complaints that they
put up about being banned.

^ this right here
we see you blizz we see you

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If you don’t have anyone in game that can actually ban them, sure. And this is exactly what Blizzard is doing.

Really a dumb way to monitor your game.

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all we can do as players is target them and report for cheating.

in the event you cant target you must /whisper the individual first and then you can rightclick their name and report.

i know its a lot of work, but with enough of us working together we will trigger blizzard auto ban hammer. (which totally doesn’t exist, wink wink)

I love not being paid to do a job Blizzard should be doing.


If it’s about the money… it’s more profitable for blizzard to ban the bots multiple times per month so they increase the revenue generated from them buying new accounts, right?

It’s a 16 year old museum piece being maintained by a skeleton crew, most of whom probably hadn’t even graduated high school when it was written. I understand it’s frustrating, Vanilla WoW had these issues. Pservers had these issues. Any game that depends on client/server communication for XYZ coordinates is going to have these issues.

Blizzard has been running a Red Queen’s Race against botters/hackers in retail for close to two decades now, and going with a bastard codebase no one really understands (half 1.12, half Legion) isn’t going to help matters any.

Not really.

Im just waiting for one of the moderators/blizz employees to post on their private accounts that bots are actually costing them money. Linking the bs blue post stating that.

Im still enjoying sharding on retail. A temporary feature btw. lululul

Dealing with bots would literally take a week.
-Have a GM log on
-/who dungeon with notorious botting problem
-Teleport to unguilded Ckdfsgjld using GM tools we know exist
-Observe for 5 minutes and see how the script works
-Jump to the others and easily seeing them following the exact same script
-Spend an hour banning every online level 60 bot in a dungeon immediately undoing thousands of hours of getting those characters set up
-Jump to the multiboxing bot leveling zones everybody is aware of and do a quick sweep
-Watch videos on Youtube and tab back in occasionally to nail stragglers
-Use gold tracking tools we know exist to ban gold buyers and sellers PERMANENTLY
-Do the bare minimum of picking off stragglers for a few hours a day per server until bots realize they don’t have free reign anymore

Blizzard doesn’t care. They love getting money from botters.


If they were banning bots multiple times per month they would stop making accounts.


Having thousands of GMs in-game is not a financially tenable process.

I see all the regulars are back from their suspensions.

I just don’t understand how blizz’s security programs cant detect programs that are being used to teleport and flyhack.

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