BLIZZARD! why soar 30% nerf change makes no sense!

Soar is just a flavor racial. It’s not meant to be used as your main mode of transportation. You’re not your own mount. You never were. They literally told us day one of interviews that Dracthyr would have to use real mounts in visage form. That was the entire purpose of visage form. Now it’s just flavor, because you can ride mounts in reptile form, too. But the point still stands: it’s just a flavor racial that still goes over 600% speed.

Oh my lawd, I’m only going to be able to fly at 650% speed, Dracthyr are dead!!


The advantage is going faster, it’s saving about half the time travelling each 5 min.
If you don’t see it as bad than just let dks and paladins do it, they too have a mount buff but it’s reasonable.

The reasons they state for the nerfs is logic. Dragon riding lasting longer than dragonflights is not 100% happening, it might not even last the full expansion. So considering it will be usable in new content, new expansion they will balance toward that already as that has also a ripple effect on how you do old content already.

Pet battles? thats trivial content let alone there being a pet battle weekend where you sit and an NPC and get get from lvl 1-25 in 2 pet battles and not even move?

a dracthyr doign mog farms quicker for mogs that cant be viable on the Drathyr form? let alone the soar ability not even being able ot be used in dungouns/raids?

chromies time quests? a dracthyr wont even enter chromie time unless its 100% trivial as they dont even leave there starting zone untill lvl 60? chromie time not needed?


You DARE question our LORD and SAVIOR, BLIZZARINO?!
Heave to and prepare to be flagged!

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Which itself is another decision I disagree with but that’s for another time.


I tried to make a thread about this and all it did was devolve into no one reading it and everyone whining about this stupid nerf again. :roll_eyes:


i also gave Solutions for this in my thread post too but feels like no ones reading it either sadge


To be fair… yours is insanely long and there’s like four posts of it, too. Mine I should’ve shortened, as well, and probably given it a different title.


The thing is the solution of adding dragon riding everywhere might happen, and if they do they will buff back soar in the outside world. It will just not be now as they consider dragon riding experimental.

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Don’t read thread, complain about something completely different?

Yeah, sounds about right for GD.



Pick your poison!


I doubt any of you will even TOUCH the Dracthyr race so why even complain about it.


i would have to agree, also most people complaining that it is OP, i dont think understand how Dracthyr Soar actually works


Because if the quests get done faster than you’ll log out sooner. Time played metrics…

that’s still irrelevant to the matter of the argument to why blizzard stated the nerf!


Why would you even care I doubt you will even make one and actually play it?

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thats the whole reason to this thread i agree Veemonx, im just trying to state the facts as to why does it even matter, in refer to the matter/change blizzard have stated/made.

I did save the perfect dragon name… however, I was answering someone’s question. That has zero to do with what I might or might not play in the future.

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