BLIZZARD! why soar 30% nerf change makes no sense!

It probably will Dracthyr racials are designed with evoker in mind some of the class talents literally effect racials

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i agree with you Licera, as i also mentioned the troubles of the dracthyr racials in my last response


Yeah like to make it available to other classes they either rework all the racials and talent tree now or face backlash from Dracthyr Evoker mains later

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yes agreed.
but different classes and races have different perks! Dracthyr is not the only one
This is a unique new race/class combo added to the game as blizzard mentioned
also refering back to my original thread post

and ive stated alot of differences and reguarding the original blizard blue post


yes, and blizzard have stated that already in other places also

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tried to list as many quotes from people also discussing the issue with me

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No offense mate, but your first post is in like emergency need of headers and better separation and categorization, because it just looks like an un-ending wall of text smashing one topic to another here. And your quotes are separate posts when you can just add them to the OP as Edit 1, 2 or 3 to keep it all contained.

I’m not saying you have terrible points, i’m saying you have a structure that makes it exhausting to read at all. And i say this as somebody who regularly make lengthy comments.

Maybe if i’m not tired (4AM over here), i will check this out another time.

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So Fast!
2nd post OP reported with his alts! Hope that makes you feel better!
Keep it up!
You do know you’re not helping your case by proving me right?

thanks for the constructive criticism appreciate it man!

You didn’t really have a point and you were apparently flagged for calling someone a puppet because they didnt agree with your absense of an argument.


You can compare achievements and collection. Just do it for yourself if you don’t believe me.

the current thread was made here to talk about a topic Zoumz not trolling around.

Ok, and how is that relevant to the thread? I was talking about your lack of an argument for the thread topic.


Well you don’t really want me to talk, and I’ve discussed the subject. I just disagree with you and your lack of integrity.

I’ve made arguments the whole thread before that happened.

No, you repeated what blizz said and offered no further details when pressed. Instead you just started attacking people.


I’ve explained a point of view that agree with Blizz on that specific case with arguments, you’re taking it personnaly. If someone is gonna use alts to try to make his case bigger I will point out his lack of integrity.

Again, you’re ignoring my request for you to provide arguments and details beyond what blizzard stated.


Just look up. At this point I’m starting to believe you might be his friend or just another account because you might be trolling me.

If anything OP hasn’t made arguments agaisn’t what I’m saying. He’s trying to shut me up.

I did read that. Congrats, you’ve repeated what blizzard said. You didnt say how or why it is OP, just that it is.

Why is soar game breaking? You state that it’s faster while completely ignoring all of the other variables.


What are the other variables? the cd? 5 min cd is pretty short.