Blizzard Who Hurt You? - Soar Nerf

Disabled in instances.


You think one class should be able to move almost twice as fast as others in the open world? Dracthyr should absolutely be limited to as fast as everybody else can go in the world.

Thanks, google wasn’t being very helpful for that.

It’s a 5 min CD. Folks are going to use portals more then they are going to use Soar. Soar is just a flavor ability. It’s not efficient at all.

Druids flight form is more efficient then Soar.

Additionally, this is in Old World Azeroth. Who the hell cares?

Additional additionally, the real solution to this non-issue is to bring the functionality to folks Dragons from DI to Azeroth.


Yes, they can move twice as fast as other classes if they are able to get to high places and glide from max skybox height. Otherwise, they just glide for a few thousand feet and then the racial is on cd


Wow. Blizzard sucks.
Not that that’s news, really, but I mean really?

But at least there’s some humor to be gained from the situation.

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Seriously this though. This is only capable when at very high peaks.


We will have a point of reference when we can Dragonride, since it’ll still be at 900% speed.

They tried to solve the wrong problem.


Fun detected, removed.


I’m not even angry. I’m just disappointed.


I can. It’s the sort of thing that modern wow does all the time, bait and switch. It’s why I didn’t and won’t prepurchase. No telling what else they’ll change with unposted nerfs when this crap goes live.

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Dude your arguments have zero merit.

Your defending your case just to be a narcissist who can’t stand the idea of being wrong.

The only sensible solution is to make soar a racial akin to running wild aka a mount and have it equal to dragon riding in speed, progression and abilities…

Just don’t enable the progression in the pre patch and prevent use while in combat or in instanced pvp…
Problem solved……

Who cares if Dracthyr get this ability prior to df launch as every other class can access it once launched and there really then isn’t any reason to allow dragon riding in the rest of Azeroth……


It really is my fault for expecting them to embrace a fun system they designed.


My disappointment is immeasurable . . . and my day is ruined.


There’s a massive question regarding Dragonriding: What about the normal mounts?

Is my Gyrocopter suddenly going to control totally differently? Am I going to have to level up a mount that ‘just worked’?

Bringing Dragonriding to Azeroth brings massive complications because not everyone wants to ride a dragon.

Blizzard knows fun… right?? right???

Give it a stance option in the general spellbook. Make a barding you equip. Make it a toggle for the mount on the mount page.

Idk there are ways of Blizzard giving folks the options.

Currently, this is only something that functions with Dragon Isle dragons.

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Then don’t use it in Azeroth… dragon riding only works on the df dragon mounts

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What you didn’t get Alpha and experience the pleasure of Dragon Riding at its finest?

…I guess you should stream more

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