Blizzard, where is your head with classes?


Okay blizzard, i would like start this off with a simple, what the…

Since the end of legion, things have just gotten proggressively worse. Yes, we lost our artifacts and it was a huge loss. Instead of tuning the classes after the the loss of the artifacts you have simply left us high and dry.

When the artifact weapon was given to us, it filled holes in specs that needed to be filled. Amazing bandaid for the entire expac. But WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING. You had an entire expansion to figure out how these artifacts effected each individual class, and how in bfa you wouls fix those holes.

Look i think at this point we all understand you have fired almost everyone that had remote importance to class design, and anyone that gave forum feedback. I dont think as a company you are even trying to see community perspective anymore, you have officially given up and decides that blizzard no longer cares.

For so many expansions we had a team at blizzard that really cared about the fans, and the players. You really listened to everything we had to say, and acted.

Bfa as a whole has been a bust from the get-go and blizzard knows it. Most of the community would actually be more than satisfied if you just responded once in a while. Let us know why or how you came to these decisions. Involve the community like you have for so long before.

Listen to us, respond to us. And youll see a huge improvement in community response. We just want to know why.

There is people all over these forums that have some really great ideas about class balance that could be so amazing for the game.

Breathe some life back into wow and fix the classes and most of all, stop catering the the casual gamer. Most of wow is filled with people that enjoy a challenge, and have been playing for a very long time. And they stick it out becausw they love it, and cant help but hope youll fix things.

Blizzard we love ya, but holy crap the community is not happy right now. Pull your head out of your behind, allow more man power on the team to asses the issues and fix them.

Gotta spend money, to make money.


It’s a lost cause

We’ll see what hail mary they serve up in november at blizzcon at the patch 9.0 gameplay panels


Its just so incredibly sad to see how absolute dogcrap blizzard has become.

Scrilling through forums this morning and the complete disconnect between customer and company is real. At this point i can see that blizzard is hands down at an all time low. YOU WIN BLIZZARD, DEAF DUMB AND BLIND. Good for you

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If at least they tried to balance things better, but this is the worse balance ive seen in years, Its utter crap.

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Break out the phones for WoW : Immortal

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A drunk with a .20 BAC has better balance


I just love how every single forum under class design is just everyone saying the same thing.

BLIZZARD HOW HAVE YOU NOT FIGURED IT OUT YET. this is how we know they dont give two sheets about the community, or fixing any of the issues that they keep imposing on us.

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Some balancing at least would be aewsome of their part but not even that its like they think its acceptable bottom classses pulling 30% less dps than top classes.

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Ewww, you play feral? Reroll please.


But seriously, people have been complaining about acti-blizz’s ignorant decisions since BFA alpha.

Class balance isn’t the main issue, I mean that’s been the cast since classic wow. The problem is that classes are so pruned and stripped of all of their spells we now only have about 2-3 pages worth of passives and spells.

Nobody cares anymore, just give up and move on.

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10 char


i main resto, but i enjoy playing Feral more than Balance for WQ.

my issue isn’t with Feral. My issue is with where Blizzard is taking the game, and there ignorance towards the community.

Also, no one cares anymore?

I beg to differ, the forums and every community based around wow has gotten a whole lot more hostile than usual since BFA launch. Yes, the wow community is usually not happy with decisions made by blizzard at the start of expansions. But in previous expacs, at least blizzard kept us up to date with why changes were being made, and why things were happening.

We are in the dark, that is half the communities uproar.

Edit: I don’t think you have a large enough grasp on what you are saying with “ew feral” because frankly, you play a fury warrior. Also, you haven’t even cleared normal, so i’d also like to say that your opinion matters none as in that content, you wouldn’t even understand “why” people don’t really play feral. Thanks

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I mained fury but was forced to reroll prot in order to do high M+ keys. Fury warriors bring nothing to the table and so does feral.

I was being sarcastic when I was saying reroll, hence /S. I don’t raid anymore or do normal only so you’re right, idk if feral is viable or not in the raiding environment.

I would rather bring a boomkin or a resto druid to a M+ or arena, feral is just way behind in terms of dmg, survival, and utility. Guardian spec is dead, so no comment.


I hear you on re rolling. I mained mw monk, and have rerolled because once i got above 2k it was so hard to find a group.

But this is the exact imbalance and lack of care im talking about with the original post, if we want to be relevant, we are forced to re roll if mained a class that underperforms.

Blizzard needs to take a hard look at class design and content design if they are to get back on track. No one should have to re roll to stay relevent in high end content.

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First forum post on the new forums and classes are still soulless husks.