Blizzard, what are these



I get it… i really do. Old gods are suppose to look ugly. But ugly can still look cool and… these sets aren’t cool at all.

You have failed throughout an entire expansion with just giving us armor type sets that you promised would allow you guys to be creative, but when I look at Uldir, BoD, AEP, and dungeons I think they’re just boring leveling sets at best. There is 0 creativity in these sets.

When I think of naga/old gods, I do not see them wearing shiny armor with bright colors glowing on them that don’t match. I think of old, sand gritted, water washed colors that are filled with seaweed and death if you look at them wrong.

Can you please tell us that bfa was an extended april fool’s joke of an “expansion” and give us real raid tiers, tier sets, and class balance in the next expansion? BFA is worse than every other expansion, including WoD. WoD was miles better than bfa.

Get rid of tf’ing, get rid of M+, get rid of personal loot, get rid of the people that want free gear thrown at them, add back tier sets, add back class balance, and by the light add back communication!


Dont even get me started on the neck traits being incredibly unbalanced. DH’s get meta over and over again with a 6 minute dummy test only having 30 second downtime on meta, but unholy gets to proc ONE ghoul at a time. Give me a break.