Blizzard tuning is lazy at best

I feel more sorry for Destro warlocks considering that’s a nerf on their actual damage and survivals tier set is what’s getting nerfed not the spec itself…

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they used to do it more often and the fact ion stated i think in legion all we gotta do is turn the knob was laughable. they claimed it was going to be so much easier yet as expansions keep rolling out it gets less and less as me playing endgame seriously has went down the tubes to why should i care or have to reroll just cause the don’t do their job. and then you got the blizz lovers who always come out and say well you can clear content but we all know no one wants to be sitting at the bottom what fun is that right. i can’t wait for trees to be whack and then when people are at bottom who claim these trees are great to have again won’t be so happy then and we all know when the balancing of these trees are screwed there goes the fun.

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Its always revolved around that.

The changes are all AOE changes so the people doing world content will be fine

Just play a bottom tier spec, then you have nowhere to go but up.
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I’m just happy they actually remembered to add this for hunter

Usually they don’t bother and hunters just become more god-like in pvp.

He needs to turn his own knob and start kicking it into overdrive because the class balance is embarrassing


Where’s the Blood DK and Priest nerf?

Are they scared of DK community?

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Why worry about a filler patch? They are working on things far more important right now.

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The actual live game should take precedence over DF. Devs should never have done S4 if they can’t devote any resources to tuning and bug fixes for it.

Salty potato? The gypsie was right…

Just gonna leave this here

I feel your pain my fellow DH. Trust me.

I spammed " :salt: :potato: " more than I care to admit in HOTS. Some people are salty potatoes.

“First, we largely view this as a preferred playstyle issue and not a balance one.“

The same could be said for destro/surv. So why touch those classes and not touch any of the other ones lol. They’re just lazy and half :peach:ing their current game.

So instead of nerfing 2 specs you want them to buff like 34 specs? lol ok

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Oh man, I didn’t realize that was such a difficult job for a multi billion dollar company, who has already said “it’s as easy as turning a knob” to toon the classes.

But yeah. So hard. I’m way out of line.

Blood’s actually fairly weak without their tier set, and they’ve already nerfed tier once. The issue is if they nerf blood’s tier too much, they’ll drop off entirely again.

I mean it is a little silly to think that they’re going to do that versus the path of least resistance

ESPECIALLY at the tail end of an expansion

If I recall right Blizzards approach to balance is a wait and see strategy. They take their time not to rush out with the buffs and nerfs for good reason. I’m sure at some point if something needs to be addressed they’ll do so.

I really wish feral druid was viable in m+ :frowning: