Blizzard! The opponents have X% advantage!

Seriously people. Its called overcoming challenges! If all you ever look for is an arena where everything microscopically is even, you miss the blatant observation that you’re probably just bad.

Stop complaining and git gud! I’m looking at you Alliance!


We did git gud, we made massive discord servers, shared strats between us and organized consecutive 7-minute curb stomps.

But when Alliance is winning Blizzard changes it. Horde needs to have all the advantages of being the majority faction with no drawbacks.


The spawn cave where horde comes out of is much closer to our base than our spawn point to yours.

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That sounds much more like an exploit that Blizzard has fixed.


Alliance winning on this map, given this meta, is like an econobox with 3 wheels beating a ferrari on a racetrack.

Yes, it can be done, but by the it is we have thoroughly outplayed the snot out of you.



Why is it back in the days of Vanilla Alliance won every AV? Maybe because they tried to PvP?

Please refer to the original post. Its called obstacles. Overcome them, PvP will never be “fair”.


If WW3 breaks out, people are just gonna leave and AFK in Guatemala lol


They will claim that something is unfair. People who play a certain faction will anyways.

People keep sayings its the map or racials or whatever. But I think its simply the horde are much more willing to put up a fight due to the 1hour+ queues. Just like anything in life, when its scarce you try to make the most of it. Also most hardcore pvpers going horde probably playes a role aswell.


It wasn’t that long ago, but this:

is why premade mass-queue dropping was changed.

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EXACTLY! Alliance could win but they give up because they can try again instantly. Horde actually care and that’s why you see us actually PvPing! Sorry for those Alliance that want to PvP but can’t get your buddies to! SAD

Griefing at its finest. Most Alliance that exploited don’t see it this way, rather Blizzard taking their “exploit” away!

If you looked at any statistics similar to this, it would be obvious there is something fundamentally wrong.

If it was even remotely “balanced”, horde wouldn’t be winning games almost pushing 3 standard deviations more frequently than alliance.



He was being constructive. Sugar coated speeches and being politically correct isnt always constructive.

It’s cause all the people in premades don’t want to pug anymore

So put 30 good people together under one mediocre leader in discord, and most of the alliance games are bleh

The alliance has far far far more stay at home moms and casuals while the horde has every min-maxing neckbeard. If you were any good at pvp you would join the hardcore pvp side that is the alliance instead of being part of the min-max bandwagoners that cant handle a challenge without every advantage.

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You mean like all the horde complaining about premades and kiting claiming it was exploiting when it very clearly isnt… no we have to git gud when you have the advantage, but we we get the advantage its exploiting and needs to be fixed.

How about you go look up hypocrisy, then kindly go away.

Also game starting with too few people is a separate bug from premades, yes the bug was happening due to premades, but that doesnt mean they were the problem.


Low effort bait. But people still fall for it… :woman_shrugging:


I mean he is right.

Alliance in AV are just plain unquestionably bad…not just bad but terrible in every way.

In vanilla alliance won the vast majority of AV matches. Even in 1.12. I win 90% of all my AV matches in vanilla.

The issue isn’t the map. It’s you players being unable to properly play.

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