Blizzard the casual pvp players is all but extinct

in case you didnt know. so what are you going to do to increase participation so that the rest of us can get some ratings??? we rely on casuals to farm them for free rating and now theres no one to farm for free rating.


Casuals don’t even play rated beyond “chill cap”, though. :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:


you know arena forums are dead when its just kennie talking to himself in an echo chamber


Bleak times.


watching WoW pvp literally die due to the playerbase getting older and no new blood :skull:


the game just no longer as fun as it used to be. And the pvp experience is just stanky.

– General caster experience

  • melee uptime 100 percent * whats kiting these days.
  • kick, stun, stun, disorient, force silence, pull/push, repeat.
  • cheaters auto kicking.

Caster experience healer
–constant chain ccs
– ally dps running out of your los
– ally dps not using D cds.
– Healing weakens over time
– everyone’s Hp massively dropping like if nukes going off while you cast hysterically all your stuff through the almost One Shot while dealing with the "General Caster experience.

Spells and abilities don’t feel strong and heavy like before.
too much stuff going on, too much ability bloat.

Not new player-friendly due to the game being designed for higher-level gameplay.

Classes not fully redesigned well – some classes still getting tons of Reworks /revamps – priest being one good example (two reworks on Shadow spec )

Still waiting for Solo que rated BG to get my gear to be at equal strength with others.
Solo que shuffle is being handled poorly and left for dead.
no one queing as healer cuze it just sucks. I mean it generally sucks in arena.

personally, i rarely do arena after getting my Epic Gear transmog.
– I did healing to unlock the transmog quickly, as soon as i got it. Switched to dps. I just couldn’t anymore.
– slowly got my Conquest gear through bgs and some rated solo shuffle. Eventually stopped a bit after i got my gear. Just not fun being treated as a Rag Doll.
– Waiting for Rated BGs so i can just BG all my life and get my alts lvled up and geared up.


wow, a game mode that has zero rewards for 95% of players is dying? are we really that shocked here?


Do only 5% make it to 1800? That sounds low

I mean in less than a week my disc alt went from 60 to 70 with 1800 so idk if that’s true.

Doing the same with rshaman right now. It’s plenty doable.

Here is the main problem. They have completely isolated pvp from the rest of the game. I am am mythic raider. My guild expects me ,for the first 3 months of a tier, to run 8 M+20 a week to get a super high gear score. Not to mention the 6 hours a week of just “raiding” during this time I have 0 ability to engage in pvp (esp if I want to play other games) due to it completely lacking rewards. I literally can’t go up to my RL and ask to pvp instead because of the massive Ilvl drop even at max rating. That’s why pvp is doing so bad.


This is my problem, but less to do with time and more to do with gearing.

The gear system is way better than it used to be in some ways, but way worse in others.

As a PVE mainly guy, I can’t afford to blow sparks on PVP gear, nor can I afford to rip stuff out of my vault.

The result is by week 4 or 5 you’re just outrageously far behind and you’re pretty much behind forever at that point.

Unless I want to make a PVP specific toon (I don’t) you’re kind of banned from PVPing until they uncap PVP and you have some extra sparks to spare, or else you just gotta accept you’re going to be way behind on gearing for 2-3 months.

It kind of puts a damper on the desire to go out and PVP early season.


People on these forums typically don’t represent the average casual player though. Especially people that mythic raid.

This is in the best interest of PVPers and PVEers. PVPers don’t want to do PVE for gear. PVEers don’t want to do PVP for gear.

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That’s really the issue with the whole design of the game. Once you get where you’re consistently reaching the same rewards every season, who cares? lol Remi getting a glad mount is probably as exciting for him as getting an elite set is for me.

It’s not really a question of getting it, as much as ‘how annoyed will I be in the process.’ So really Blizzard figuring out how to tune their game where you can play what you enjoy playing most without being punished for it is about the best they can do to retain players, because them coming out with new tiers of unique rewards for a game mode that like 3% of the playerbase even plays isn’t going to happen.

I think Blizzard massively screwed up by releasing RSS, instead of solo RBGs, personally. And both existing will only serve to split an already dead player-base even further.


We truly are the Forsaken

they gotta bring back SL gearing(where pvp is somewhat good in pve - like starter mythic ilvl) and keep the df pvp scaling.

this way, pvp is a solid way to gear early season( if u can at least get 1800 or duelist) but certainly not the best way because pve gear gets higher iten level with later bosses and has better stats


Yeah, pvp scene is filled with old players and their alts. No one new is interested in WOW pvp. Can’t blame them :man_shrugging:t5:


i know a lot of people who actually enjoyed doing rbgs to 1800

i think the problem before was that pvp gear was just as good as end raid boss loot at the highest difficulty.

the max u can get should be entry level mythic gear

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Start having children, game is going to experience a revival when our kids get a bit older. If you train yours to heal, as i do, that’ll help the healer shortage. 2 birds, brother.


Last I looked at check pvp I estimated around 5% of the player base logged as “active” in shuffle alone was actually above 2100.

According to these forums isnt 95% of the player base above 2400 in shuffle or do they have that backwards?


I equate many of the high end players on these forums to my old college physics professor. The guy was so insanely intelligent and knowledgeable regarding physics that he couldn’t even have a conversation about the topic with a student because he was so out of touch with what it was like to be normal. The players who are glad/r1 season after season and gatekeep 2200-2400 rating with their 12th alt are a little out of touch with what it’s like to try and achieve new levels of rating when you don’t have the btag list of friends ready to que at any given time or the experience necessary to group up with other players that would help you achieve those new ratings. It’s hard for them to grasp that “get good” and “practice and research” are much easier said than done given the landscape of the game and the nature of how people are nowadays.