Blizzard shouldn’t profit off poor implementation of vanilla

If you don’t like classic, don’t transfer, quit. Classic isn’t vanilla.


Can I have your gold?


Sorry spent it all in goldshire first

I won’t quit myself, I’m just leveling a rogue now. I do see many other alliance leaving though, the writings on the wall. I just hope they don’t give blizzard money for any of their other titles.

Plenty of people are leaving. That’s fine, expected even. Many servers are overpopulated right now.

It’s exacerbating the imbalanced ratios.

Is it? I see Horde leaving too. How do you know it’s creating further imbalance? Have Horde queue times continued to go up?

Alliance were a dog-and-pony show in Vanilla too.

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Horde towns were given additional guards because of alliance domination in vanilla. Do you think guards should be added to ally towns in classic?


No they weren’t.

Sure, why not?

It’s sad though, Vanilla had the chance to be something great, a return to WoW the way it was at launch.

Now we, the community, knew from prior experience that Blizzard will cave to overwhelming demand and we could not leave well enough alone.

We got Classic and sure enough, when the way Vanilla works did not appeal to us, we complain and Blizzard responded as expected.

I hope we are all proud of the new monstrosity we have created and the path we have set this down.

From the get-go they explained it would be based on 1.12 WOW because that was the most feature-complete data they had available still. The game is almost 20 years old at this point. Data archivists don’t hold onto everything forever.

Then why post this crummy thread?


You’re just tilted over the AV changes.

Go to Grobbulus, nearly 50/50 ratio. Super cool people here and even cooler sea bears :fish: :bear: circles only no ovals

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You could not be further from the truth. I have actually only played AV a few times in Classic. PvP is not my thing. So I could care less what the actual change is.

My concern is the precedent this change sets. What other things about Vanilla do we not like that we can pressure Blizzard to change now. How long before the road we have set ourselves on make Classic just a level capped version of retail.


This is the only truthful statement you’ve made in at least two days.


Just because you do not agree with my points does not make them untruthful.

Correct. They’re untruthful for entirely different reasons.


Wait till Feb 12th when BWL is released, servers will be full again.