Blizzard should add High Elven Paladins to Void Elves like they added Highborne Mages to Night Elves

Well, it is possible, but it is unlikely. All the High Elf Wayfarers and Silvermoon Scholars studying the void, are in Telogrus Rift. Turalyon isn’t there teaching the ways of the light to a group who is studying the Void.

You mean tiring of the endless, frankly pathetic begging?

If you want to play a high elf, roll horde. Then you can have a high elf paladin, in q high elf city, full of high elf architecture and high elf themes, and high elf music. You can drink high elf drinks, eat high elf food, and enjoy the high elf life.

Or you can stick around the toxic racists that threw them out, and try to beg papablizz to let you leech more from the real high elves.


funny cuz tru

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true, but there’s no limit on their movement either, particularly if they were spying, as they’d want to report back and they’d know the counter to a void situation out of control, is its opposite.

Finally, someone else explains it. The only Void-based healing spell that priests have, not counting the glyphed version of Penance, hurts the target, yet the void elf paladin crowd always insists that it would make sense for a Void paladin to be capable of healing the same as a regular paladin with no drawbacks whatsoever.

THIS. It’s a concept cooked up by the likes of Reddit and MMO-Champion, yet so many people have latched onto the belief that it’s something that Blizzard would ever actually do. Making an exact copy of an existing class but with different visuals would be lethargic even for them; at least allied races were given unique racials.


Making a customization request is fine. People have been talking about High Elf posters negatively since Ion’s “The Horde is waiting for you.” line like, what, four years ago?

It’s a World of Warcraft Internet forum. Complaining about what someone else is requesting in a videogame forum is basically the cringiest behavior imaginable. :rofl:

Is this some kind of warmup before they go and practice their way of the sword? :rofl:

That’s not even what we’re talking about in this thread.

im like 100% sure the void has no healing properties lorewise and things like vampiric embrace are just gameplay mechanics

Asking for a class is not asking for a customization’s. 2 different things right there.


Strawman. easy to erect an effigy that isnt whats being asked for, and argue against it

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Yeah? I tell you what. How about in this thread we discuss the class thing instead of people taking shots at an internet community.

I want more character options in WoW. I’m gonna ask for them.

Yeah. Not sure anybody read the first post of this.

Just asking Blizzard to do something they’ve literally done in the past and unlock a playable class.

I don’t think even you know what you’re talking about anymore.


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you’re arguing against void elf paladins when we arent asking for void elf paladins

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The problem with Void Elf Paladins is that they’re a walking contradiction. This isn’t like the Shen’dralar Highborne rejoining the Night Elves and teaching them the Arcane, these are two polar opposites. They are the antithesis of each other.

Real quick, what’s the name of the thread?


well you start off as void elf, but if you select only high elf features (meaning hair/skin/eye, which would include the whole gamut of human skin tones from black to pale), then paladin class becomes available, you lose your velf racials and you are called high elf paladin if you select paladin

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