Blizzard restricting WoW token purchases on November 21st

Is it possible to use a token for another account, that doesn’t have an active subscription?

bot gets created, bot gets 20,000g per day, bot buys 5x wow token, bot creates 5 new bots with the gold he made, they make 20,000 per day, after a few weeks ur going to have thousands of bots that didn’t pay a dime, if they have to make a real payment, its much more difficult for them to multiply like this

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I wasn’t aware that you could use tokens for or transfer them or gold to inactive or trial accounts.

And if that’s the case, I’d be curious as to why they would make this particular change, rather than say just not being able to use tokens or transfer gold to inactive or trial accounts.

I’m pretty sure the initial activation requires a non-token payment. This could come from stolen credit cards, or a hacked account. Tokens are just game time, at this point.

it also prevents them buying any further wow tokens to keep their membership up

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Oh right… so they could buy however many now, but after Nov. 21st, once however many tokens they have run out, if they haven’t paid for that account, they will not be able to keep using tokens…

Hmm… so maybe they are trying to enforce a payment method that gives some sort of ID verification for accounts?

In any case, it doesn’t affect me personally. I paid a 12-month sub for my main account, and after the tokens came out, I paid for 1-month of sub time on my alt account (same BNet account), and then just used tokens. I’ve let that lapse, and was expecting to pay for game time if I decided to come back to it at some point in the future anyway.

It’s an interesting rule:

And from the post, it seems as though there are no additional rules going forward, and this seems to just be a one-time requirement per BNet account:

I think so, When I had a token on my main account I could use it to activate another account that hadn’t seen the light of day since Cata/Mop

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The only time I’ve ever used a token was when I put it up on the AH and sold two of them to get enough gold to buy my champion tread bike. But that was a very long time ago.

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I guess it’s a good thing.

It’s funny though. Instead of hiring GMs to police the game, they just make bots pay a 1-time real money fee.


Guess I’m screwed since I’ve been using tokens for game time exclusively since they came out in 2015…

Just pay for 1 month of game time and you’ll be fine.

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Im in the same boat. Who knows… I might have bought 1 month in that entire time… but I have absolutely no clue.

It means fresh accounts (mostly retail) can’t get their very first game time from a token. Has to be paid normally. Its 100% anti-botting.

Then they shouldnt have the WoW token? But I would bet subs would be even less than they are because no one wants to pay for what Blizzard is putting out.

In retail bot use gold to buy token and turn it into balance.
Then use BZ balance to buy code, which can send into brand new account. So it’s why a hundred thousand account be banned each month and bots were still flooding BG like what we saw this summer


Then the incentive to bot is greater because it becomes even more profitable.

You can never stop them, you can only make it increasingly more difficult or inconvenient to bot.

If you can never stop them then why bother trying to?

Because doing something is better than doing nothing at all.

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No, i think the main reason is Wow token is bringing profit to BZ.
You must spend 20$ to buy a token, then sell it to someone ingame.
The buyer, whatever they use it (balance or game time), only earn back 15$. So for each token used, BZ have 5$ profit.
There 's no reason to cut own profit, just cut the way they dont want to share profit (the more bots keep RMTing by selling gold, then the less token BZ could sell, assuming gold demanding doesn’t change). Anyway, it’s good news for players.

Blizzard gets more money from a token than they do normal sub time so this makes little sense. Maybe it has something to do with chargeback disputes.

A better solution though would have been to not sell boosts in the first damn place.