Blizzard removed BfA Digital Deluxe, Legion Digital Deluxe and WoD Digital Deluxe bundles from the store

All of the three bundles were completely removed from the store. They chose to remove those bundles so they can put on store separately only the World of Warcraft mounts and pets, so the digital deluxe items from the other Blizzard games (portraits, banners, mounts, etc) are gone, you no longer can get them.

Thank you, Blizzard!

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maybe go complain on those games’ forums then. you can still get all the wow stuff from them.

legion was launched and wod were over 5 years ago. bundles are never timeless, blizzard ones or otherwise.


I mean that sucks but it’s not like they were only up for a month. They even recently had a sale that allowed you to upgrade your account for half the original cost, which was still too much imo, but I’m sure the people that wanted those items took advantage and bought it.

Sorry if you missed out, OP. Maybe they’ll return the deluxe items at a later date, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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Is it bad that I don’t remember what the DDX goodies for the previous expansions were, beyond the mounts and pets?

I gotta ask. Did you suddenly decide that you wanted to purchase one of them and found it to be removed or did you see they were removed and chose to be offended about it?


Then why did you wait to buy them? They have been available for literal years…

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Omg :woman_facepalming: of all the things to be miffed about.

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You had months to buy those digital deluxes

That’s on you

This is legit on you OP.

This isn’t surprising. Before recently, if you missed the deluxe version, you missed it. You weren’t able to get the content later. I am glad they at least let people buy the mounts and pets now, as many are cool. Now just waiting to get TBC collector pet and WotLK one.

The Warlords raven mount isn’t in the store listings. I’m glad that I have the fel version.

They already brought them back once. So I’m sure they’ll make an appearance some time later.

I’m going with the latter. :rofl:


I thought they announced they were going away. I was surprised WoD and Legion were available as long as they were tbh.

I am surprised they lasted as long as they did. I would have expected them to go away when the next expansions was released.

However, I think it is nice to make the mounts and pets available for people who might want to purchase them in the future.

Except you have no idea why they chose to remove the bundles.

Like absolutely no idea.