#Blizzard, please give us Classic Server List asap

They’ll give it to us on the 13th. That’s what I’ve been seeing for months.


they have said the realm list will be released ahead of the name reservation thing so you will be able to coordinate with friends/guilds


which is also logical, and since the we’ll be getting name reservation within a week, we should be getting server names now. =/

On the 12th I think the list might be released and must be after this last stress test on the 8th.

I’m hoping for tomorrow.

A week to coordinate would be ideal.

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Relaaaaaax. We have the stress test on Thursday. After that you can expect the realm list.


Unless I am mistaken, character creation (up to 3) is available all until launch. You don’t have the server names prior to character creation startup. You have two weeks to get it done.

I am not even sure that I would want to burn my 3 characters prior to reading the forums and trying to figure out where people are going. 99% of the character names in the game that I see are in no danger of being snatched up by someone else.


Think about it. they are waiting until after the last stress test. We all have from the 13th to the 26th to make plans for which server to play on, and build you’re characters before launch.

That would be pretty ridiculous. Players need a little warning to communicate and coordinate with friends and guildmates to pick a server. To leave that until the day of character creation would be silly.

They really need to give us a list this week. Maybe it’ll happen Friday. Then people have the weekend to decide on a server. Also, they need to list servers’ locations. I need to know the East Coast servers so I can pick one with a good ping.

Could we maybe get a list going to show which server will be populated by which streamers/YouTubers?


Also would like to have a server list before Name Day. I’m in a large guild and a pretty good size group of us will be going into classic. Having to organize all these people on the day of name creation would be tricky and I worry some folks may get left out if they don’t get the information quickly enough. Knowing which server the guild is taking on before then would alleviate some of the chaos.


There you go


There’s literally a blue post a few minutes ago stating that they will later this week.

Well that was perfectly timed!

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Sometime this week.


day of name reservations? That’s not enough time

In the recent blue post they said it will be this week. Hang tight, we will know before name day.

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Could we maybe get a list going to show which server will be populated by which streamers/YouTubers?

Yup, someone will be updating the list to track what servers streamers are on. I can’t post links, but you can google “AvoidStreamers” or otherwise its avoidstreamers dot com

Yea I can’t be bothered to look for a guild without a server list.

Need to make sure I end up on the same server as my friends before I can decide on a guild.

Lol you thought you would be able to plan and that Blizzard had everything under control. Hilarious