Blizzard needs to stop designing content for the 0.000001%

I think that’d be a non-issue. Given common level 70 gear is in the high 200s and rare gear is in the low 300s. These could be capped to not partake in the way gear currently scales to your iLvl and possibly be even lower in iLvl. But even then, I’d argue that they allow gear from previous expansions to be raised up in iLvl everytime they do new seasons now with old dungeons, and when they allow time walking for the old raids.

Current content should still have BiS gear(though BiS varies just like the flavor of the week at Crumbl) for the end-game content given that they will always have the higher iLvl and stats.


Although I have some sympathy for this, linear paths have been core to WoW since the beginning with at most some variation in where to start and which zones to visit. DF has improved greatly on the threads of fate concept introduced in Shadowlands and offer me a variety of paths for leveling even without narrative branching.

The issue with offering choices, as was seen in the class hall campaigns of Legion, is that splitting the questing into different paths means each individual path feels relatively short, even if the total work by the devs was considerable to implement all the different questlines.

I’m hoping that there will be experiments in (true) procedural content some day, although I realize it comes with significant QA hurdles and goes against the dev culture of WoW.

I feel that reputations, and trading off between rival factions, was where the game was originally intending to put these sorts of branches, but players adopted a “gotta collect them all” attitude that didn’t appreciate being forced to make choices (er … and I’m guilty here).


that number means “1 in 100 trillion”. Assuming it means toons, not players, each player on Earth would need to have over 10,000 toons for the statement to be borderline accurate.

i don’t think anyone is debating that it is not accurate.


If DF zones are to blame for excluding “old world” on the sake of current content, Legion was no better. We were bound to Broken Isles for the expansion, and instead of going back to “old world” they took it a step farther and took us to space!

Just because something is out of the DF zones doesn’t make it “old world.”

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The fairly obvious answer is because the advertising and 99% of the work goes into the new expansion. Like, leveling in WOTLK was praised for many things, but it’s still a very old expansion lacking a lot of modernized features and designs.

Being funneled to the new stuff is good for a seasonal game like WoW. But certainly not in the more narrative games, like FF14. And even using FF14 as an example, you could not pay more enough to slog through ARR again, but I hear the more recent questing isn’t remotely as atrocious as ARR felt.

Vanilla quests had their charm. Like murdering a couple dozen zherva for their hooves… and only needing 4 of them. But that wasn’t fun per se. So, if Blizzard can modernize older expansions in terms of questing (without removing some of the charm), then it’d be a great way to refresh the leveling experience.

Was this written by AI?


Expansions should expand, not replace.


This ^ i am at ilvl 390 on my warrior and i have only touched a total of 5-6 m+ and did lfr once, the majority of my gear i got from grinding the new zone in dragonflight, i only started m+ and lfr once i hit 390.

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Hot take:

Not everything in the game is intended for all play styles, play time investments, and skill levels… and that’s okay.

Not everything is for you. Not everything needs to be made accessible to incredibly low investment/skilled players. We’ve already got beginner-friendly classes pumping out highest/next-to-highest output in the game with 3 button rotations.

Let people who are willing to invest more of themselves get more out of it. If you are unable, un willing, or incapable of investing equally – you shouldn’t get as much.


It’s cute that the OP believe that they are part of the majority of the player base and end game is barely played by anyone.

If blizzards data showed that to be true they would be catering ad nauseau to that base. But it doesn’t show that, so they don’t…


I legitimately want you to explain how ANY of what you typed out has to do with Blizzard designing content for the sub 1%. I’m thinking this is a complete troll based on you even mentioning limited options for hairstyles

What’s the point of designing content for Less than max level?

The game already has a boatload of content for less than max level. If you’re not at max level (or at least within 10 levels of it), you will be within 20 hours of playtime if you start at Level 1.

An hour or so in the starting zone and then about I don’t know, 3 hours in BfA and then 3-4 hours in SL and you should be ready to arrive in the Dragon Isles and participate in most new content, except for the stuff exclusive to max level.

My Paladin is 66 (I think? or 67 now?) and she’s been in Dragon Isles for like…4 hours.

Though I will admit this was sped up because she’s my 2nd alt there, I already have a max level character. My warrior who was my first didn’t take THAT long to reach max level, either.

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just take a 2 year break and all this new content will be in chromie time.

the current model is so unrewarding and FOMO for me i just haven’t bought DF.

I’ll do it in chromie time and enjoy the tons of content that exists including classic…

Tax the 0.000001%

Uh, what?

I haven’t seen anything in DF that looks like FOMO to me. Unless you really, really care about KSM mounts or AotC or somecrap.

Down with the 0.000001%ers
Up with the 0.00001%ers.

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While I do agree to add more options for customization. I’ll have to say hard pass on breast and butt changes.

Within minutes this will turn into world of Jug-craft. No thanks.


The game is about max level, has been since Burning Crusade. That’s not going to change.


Well, could have the current breasts/butts being the largest size and allow people to have smaller ones.

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0.000001% of the current player base is like, what, one or two people? Just wondering. I’ve never done the math. But, I’m pretty sure more than that do end game.

I’m now a solo player, retired from end game. And even I disagree with your statement. Do you know what would happen if the stopped designing content for the 1%? They’d stop pushing to the furthest reaches, and perhaps, quit playing. The net result would be the rest of us would get nothing.

See, the higher end gamers go, the more the rest of us are afforded relatively nice things, like the basically free gear from Forbidden Reach. I would say that what you meant was “stop designing content ONLY for the 1%” and that’s a false narrative. I have too much to do already, just being a solo overworld dunce.