Blizzard needs to stop designing content for the 0.000001%

As a longtime player of World of Warcraft, I have seen the game change and evolve over the years. But there is one thing that has always been a constant source of frustration for me and many other players: the lack of attention given to non-endgame content.

While the developers continue to add new raids and dungeons for endgame players, they seem to forget about the rest of the player base. We want to see new quests, zones, and storylines for all levels, not just those at max level.

The lack of attention to non-endgame content is particularly frustrating for those of us who enjoy playing alts. We want to experience new content with different characters, but there is very little new content to experience. It’s the same old quests and zones we’ve played through dozens of times before.

Another issue that has been plaguing the game for years is the lack of meaningful choices. Most quests have one linear path, and there is very little room for players to make their own decisions. It would be great to see more branching storylines and choices that actually affect the outcome of quests.

One other issue that has been bothering me is the lack of character customization options. The game has been out for over 15 years, yet we still have very limited options for hairstyles, facial features, breast and butt size, and other customization options. It’s time for the developers to give us more options to make our characters unique and personalized.

Finally, I want to talk about the lack of innovation. While the game has had some great additions over the years, such as transmog and the in-game store, it feels like the developers have become complacent. They are not taking risks and trying new things, which is something that would keep the game fresh and exciting for players.

In conclusion, World of Warcraft has been a great game for many years, but it’s time for the developers to start paying more attention to non-endgame content, meaningful choices, character customization, and innovation. These are all areas that need improvement and would make the game much more enjoyable for players.


An easy win would be extending chromie time to level 70. There are thousands of quests and several continents, but for some reason we must be funneled.


They add new zones and quests every time they add a new raid tier. Are you just looking for something to complain about?

Or maybe you are suggesting that they add zones to old expansions that are not relevant to max-level content? I don’t think that would be a popular decision.


Blizzard is doing a great job of designing content for a wide range of players, not just for the 0.0001% or whatever. Blizzard has recently updated some of their old quests, art assets, names, and dialogue to make them more inclusive and consistent with their values as a team. They have also listened to player feedback and made many gameplay improvements for patch 10.0.7. Blizzard has a vision for the game and they are constantly evolving it to keep it fresh and engaging. They also have a talented team of developers who create amazing dungeon and raid content that challenge and reward players of different skill levels.


It would be cool if you could do the new zones on leveling characters. That way people who like leveling and being around lots of people could get a 2-in-1.


These threads are hilarious, there is more open world casual content than any time in the games history, you can get to pretty high ilvl without walking into a raid or a dungeon. What is it that you want? You want them to take the 1 raid they put in every patch out?


I’m not opposed to that idea, but I don’t think there is enough content to level from 10-70 in DF. I mean, there are over 1800 quests…but I’m not sure if that is enough.

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True. I am not even sure how they made 10-60 scale with shadowlands, I guess they had to remove a bunch of xp. As far as I know the maw and zenith mortis still open at level 60.


Are you sure you are looking at the right expansion? For good or bad, Blizzard have made huge changes to professions with this expansion. And some of the gear is excellent. In my opinion its quite relevant atm.


Terrible take. This expansion has opened a crazy variety of casual player content as well as plenty of content for hardcore.


They should really try something like what lord of the rings online does… They added new low level zones and quest/storylines alongside endgame content releases.

Would love new stuff to do in the old world like with the mage tower coming back. Make old world relevant for endgame or just make it relevant to replay/play in general for gold or other things.


I think this would be a great idea. Allow players to talk to Chromie at level 70 to select an expansion and have that expansion raised up to their level.

I think the biggest obstacle would be them then having to make the elites/rares that spawn within those zones able to be solo’d by the common player. *Not that they’d do that, as they don’t already do that for how Chromie time is now. (Yes, I’m looking at you Gutsmash the Destroyer as an example)

I think Chromie time has a lot of potential, if only it could be utilized in a greater form than just leveling. The ability to experience an expansion fully would be awesome. Instead of maybe, MAYBE getting to the second zone of an entire expansion and being told then “Hey, the Dragon Isles are calling you, get outta here.”


the top 0.00000001% deserve content too.


At the same time as that went live, they changed the XP curve of the game quite a bit.

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Forbidden reach , a new zone with quests , rep grinds , rares , treasures, mounts , toys , cosmetics , gems , the vault & more dragon glyphs.

Is that content designed for the top 0.01% of players ??

No , its content designed for everyone including solo players.


What expansion is this post from? :dracthyr_a1: Because it can’t be DF.


so wait are we referring to the .000000000001% as players who are max level? cuz i think thats a hilariously inaccurate statement.


Great point, I hadn’t considered how there’s not really a rush anymore. There’s not a world threat or any particular reason our characters have to rush to the Dragon Isles (as far as I know). And even if there was, it would be nice to have the option.

In Shadowlands we had to get there ASAP because we were the only ones who knew how to make a stone get all shiny. Now, I guess the dragons are lonely and want friends? Haha


This would be fantastic. I love chromie time, and it is the main reason that I level now; I can just choose whatever expansion I feel like playing that day.


The second biggest obstacle would be to either nerf or remove all gear rewards. That way, they wouldn’t have to balance the entire game to ensure current end-game items are always BiS.

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